Top Tips to Grow Your 50 Free Instagram Likes

By: Ellen Bartolino


  • Instagram has provided access to over a billion users worldwide, which makes it a great marketing tool.
  • Increasing likes on your post, especially for a new account, can be very tough, but it is essential to the business’s success.


Instagram marketing is tricky for any business or brand. Posting pictures alone cannot do the trick. Around 90 per cent of the 1.074 billion users of this platform follow a business account. To make the most of your account on Instagram you need to increase your engagement with your audience. It is a platform in which both your audience and your competitors exist. As a result, 50 free instagram likes can do you a lot of good. Higher likes indicate higher engagement, so many brands buy likes, especially to get a kick start on Instagram.

Instagram Is Hiding Likes Now. Do Likes Still Matter?

In 2019, Instagram started hiding likes as an experiment to make the platform a safer space. However, likes on Instagram will ALWAYS MATTER. Hidden likes have no bearing on Instagram’s algorithm. In 2021, Instagram enabled users to choose to hide their likes on this platform. Irrespective of this feature, the likes on Instagram impact your brand’s success. So, your focus should be on growing your engagement on this platform. You can get a 500 free instagram likes trial to see the power of likes firsthand.

Tips to Grow Your Likes on Instagram

  1. Post High-Quality Photos

Instagram started as a social photo-sharing platform. Many have forgotten the introduction of stories, reels, and IGTV that images posted are at the core of this platform. The better photos your post, the higher your engagement will be. You can quickly gain more likes on this platform by posting relevant and high-quality content. This implies that the photo needs to be well clicked and well-edited.

  1. Amplify the power of Hashtags

An average of 10 hashtags is used on Instagram. Each hashtag can potentially open up your business to thousands of new users. Using popular hashtags and branded hashtags is especially important. You can use hashtags in your bio and your stories too. It may not directly lead to higher likes, but it will increase your reach.

  1. Write Good Captions

Shorter captions do not necessarily mean the caption is better. A good caption depends on how well you know your audience. You can quickly get 50 free instagram likes through good and witty captions. Captions that engage with users, like asking them to tag other accounts, are another way to increase your reach and hence, your likes.

  1. Geotag Your Location

Location geotagging is essential, especially to brands. It is a great way to boost your interaction. In addition, geotagging your location allows your post to be available to be found at any time.

  1. Consistency in Posting is Key

Consistency is defined concerning your users. There exists a lot of research on what time and days are the best time to post on Instagram. More than 500 million users use stories daily. In addition, there are over 25 million businesses on Instagram. Scheduling your Instagram posts is an excellent way to post consistently. Apart from following a schedule, it is particularly important to hop on trends. Ensure you post when your followers are active on this platform. Use your analytics as a guide to determine the best time to post for you.

  1. Engage with Users

Engage with your users especially commenting followers. They are your most active engagement. Engaging with them can establish trust, and you can use it to increase your reach and likes further.

  1. Cross-Promote your Instagram Account on other Social Media Platform

Instagram may not be the only platform on which your business exists. You can very well use other social media platforms to promote your content on Instagram. Social media platforms have this incredible ability to introduce new and diverse people that you do not even exist. Use that to your advantage and gain 50 free instagram likes.

  1. Analyze What Works for Your Competitors

Your competitors are trying to figure out this online platform as well. So you can analyze not only your own performance but also your competitor’s performance. This may introduce you to newer opportunities and ideas to increase your reach and likes. Be it getting a 500 free instagram likes trial or starting their own Q&A series, if it works for them, it can work for you too.

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Ellen Bartolino

Ellen is a seasoned author and communication expert, with a particular focus on Instagram. Her extensive knowledge of the platform has allowed her to create engaging and effective content for businesses and individuals alike. Ellen has a proven track record of crafting compelling Instagram captions and influencer marketing.