Fluidbuzz.com Terms of Service

Published on July 1st, 2022

Terms of use

Thank you for signing up and showing interest in our products and services. We have made them with you specifically in mind. All of the services that are offered to you are done so through Optimized Digital Services LLC (Delaware). By making the decision to enter our website and purchase our services, you in turn give your consent to be bound by these website Terms and Conditions of Use. They are formed in accordance to applicable laws and regulations. Through giving your consent, you are also in agreement that you take responsibility for ensuring that compliance of these terms are upheld on your end and are not in any violations of local laws. For those that do not give their consent and agreement to these terms, they are thus prohibited from entering the website or using the website. All of our materials that are on this website are protected by relevant trademark and copyright law.

Use License

Permission is granted to the user to be entitled to download, only temporarily, one sole copy of the materials (that being information or software) listed on Fluidbuzz.com. This is with the agreement that there is a mutual consent these materials will only be used for personal use or non-commercial transient viewing purposes only. It is in no way a grant of the license, nor is it a transfer of the title. While agreeing to this license use, you are in no way, under any circumstances, allowed to:

  • alter or reproduce the materials;
  • use our materials for any commercial purpose, or for any form of public display (commercial or non-commercial);
  • attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any of the software listed on FluidBuzz.com;
  • delete any copyright or other patented notations from the materials;
  • or, transfer the resources to someone else or mimic the materials on another server.

By agreeing to the license use, you also acknowledge that Fluidbuzz.com has the right to terminate the license use at any given time if there is any evidence of a breach in the agreement regarding the restrictions of use. This means that after the license is terminated, the user is obligated to destroy any material that is still in their possession, including both in digital and print form.


All of the content and material on Fluidbuzz.com are done so in the terms of “as is”. This means that Fluidbuzz.com has no obligation to provide warranties that are either expressed or implied. This also includes warranties that come with limitations, conditions of merchantability or fitness of purpose. In addition, there are no obligation to warranties for non-infringements of any intellectual property or violation of said rights. There are no false representations made by Fluidbuzz.com in regards to accuracy, results, or reliability of the content and material on Fluidbuzz.com, or of websites that are linked to this one.


In no event will Fluidbuzz.com or their suppliers be liable for any damages that may occur from the services or materials provided. This includes, but is not limited to, damage incurred for data loss or income, or even business interpretation. It also includes, but is not limited to, any issues that arise as a result of the use or inability to use materials on Fluidbuzz.com, even in a scenario where Fluidbuzz.com or a Fluidbuzz.com authorized representative has been notified of the damage that has occurred in an oral or written format. We recognize that some jurisdictions do not permit limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages. In this instant, these limitations will likely not apply to you.


Payments to Fluidbuzz.com are processed by a secured and verified payment gateway. This means that there will not be any sensitive financial information that goes through our website. The secure method of processing and accepting payments is done through SSL encryption. When you purchase our services, you are clearly agreeing that you have a sound understanding of the purchase and agree to the conditions of what you are purchasing; this, in turn, means that you will not file a fraudulent dispute via PayPal, credit card or debit card institution. In addition, you also state that you have permission to use the credit card, debit card, PayPal account or any other payment source used to make your purchase. If you do choose to file a fraudulent attempt for a dispute or chargeback, we reserve the right, if need be, to undo all of our services of providing you with followers and likes, to end your user account and even indefinitely ban your IP address. As a users, you give acknowledgement that any chargebacks, disputes, or payment reversals will not be completed until you first raise the situation with our support team first.

Revisions and Errata

The materials appearing on Fluidbuzz.com may have technical, typographical, or photographic errors. In these instances, Fluidbuzz.com does not guarantee that the materials shown on the website are correct, comprehensive, or up-to-date. Fluidbuzz.com has the right to make edits or amendments to the materials listed on the website at any time, without needing to give any notice whatsoever. While Fluidbuzz.com adheres to providing the most relevant and accurate material possible, they do not, in any case, have an obligation to update the materials on the website as it is at their discretion.


Fluidbuzz.com has not examined all of the sites that are linked to its own website and thus, are not accountable for the content that is on any such linked website. The inclusion of a website link does not suggest any sort of endorsement by Fluidbuzz.com in any such regard. The use of any such linked website is at the user’s own discretion in which Fluidbuzz.com has no responsibility for.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

Fluidbuzz.com may update these terms and conditions for the use of its website whenever they see fit and are not required to give any notice or warning. By using this website, the user agrees that they will be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use listed on the website at that given date and time.

Governing Law

Any and all claims relating to website will be administered by FluidBuzz.com domain, without regard to the conflict of law provisions. The General Terms and Conditions are admissible to Use of the Website.


Fluidbuzz.com is passionate about providing their users with industry-leading support. Any user is able to get in contact with their sales or technical questions at any time by emailing the support team at support@fluidbuzz.com.


You are subject to a refund on undelivered services or services that you are unsatisfied with based on the following policy. Our refund policy states as follows, if you are having order issues, email (support@fluidbuzz.com) our customer service team and we will do our best to make your order right. In rare circumstances, please allow up to 72 hours for your order to start.  Fluidbuzz.com is responsible for meeting customer satisfaction and there will be due diligence done as a main component of the refund process.


  1. Fluidbuzz.com does not have any third-party partners, including Instagram or Facebook.
  2. The user has the sole responsibility to be in compliance with any and all Instagram rules and the legislation that users on that platform are subject to. Those that use Fluidbuzz.com do so at their own risk.
  3. Fluidbuzz.com are not responsible for any user’s actions and impending consequences that may occur. If a user’s Instagram account is banned for any reason, we are not responsible for that.
  4. Fluidbuzz.com requires your Instagram username so that they can get access to your relevant Instagram API. They do not keep, distribute , or share any username to any third parties.
  5. The user is never guaranteed that the expected number of followers, likes, and views will be provided by Fluidbuzz.com in any way.
  6. Fluidbuzz.com can not guarantee 100% accuracy with the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operations of the services, though we do our best to come close.
  7. The customer is the only one responsible for making their social media account “public” during the use of Fluidbuzz.com’s services. Any delay or pause in the service in relation to a client changing their profile to the “private” setting will not entitle any payment reimbursement for that duration of time.
  8. The customer agrees that upon purchasing Fluidbuzz.com’s service, th.at the customer has a sound understanding and agrees to what they are purchasing, thus also agreeing to not file a fraudulent dispute through their payment processor.
  9. Fluidbuzz.com reserves the right to adjust, halt or remove the entirety, or part of, their service at any time without needing to provide notice and without incurring any liability.
  10. Replacement guarantees are valid for 30 days to get followers and likes lost due to our services. It is only applicable to the most recent order and does not go below any number lower than what it was prior to our service starting.
  11. It is the user’s own responsibility to complete due diligence in any updates to the Terms and Conditions listed out by Fluidbuzz.com.