Fluidbuzz Privacy Policy

Published on September 2nd, 2020

Privacy is of the upmost importance to us, especially when it comes to our users’ privacy. In order to enact this to the best of our abilities, we have a range of stringent manners to guarantee that your personal information is protected and in safe hands. In support of our efforts, we have formed this Policy to be transparent in how your information is collected, who it is used by and how it helps us communicate with you. All personal information that is provided to us is used with the lone purpose of ensuring we can deliver you the services you ordered from us. None of the information you provide us with is ever shared with a third party.

We are committed to our business being in accordance with all of these principle at all times. We want to give you confidence that we treat our users’ personal information with integrity and go through great lengths to keep it protected.

The basics

  1. We have identified a purpose for needing personal information before we request it from individuals
  2. Personal information is accumulated with the sole reason of delivering outlined purpose; if a user addresses concern in sharing this information or there is reason the activity would be unlawful, personal information won’t be collected
  3. Personal information is stored
  4. Your personal information is only kept for as long as needed to fulfil the purpose of intent.
  5. Your personal information is gathered in a way that abides by law and ensures that the user gives consent first.
  6. Your personal information is used with relevance to the purpose of intent and it is up to the user to provide accurate information to enact our purpose.
  7. Your personal information is stored safely through verified means to allow us to protect you against any risk of loss, theft, disclosure or modifying of your personal information
  8. Users are given the most relevant information on our privacy polices and only practice purposes that match that.
  9. Personal payment information goes through a verified gateway with SSL encryption to ensure your details are safe.
  10. Payment details are only saved for those users that subscribe to services but all payment transactions are done through a verified external provider.

Use of Information

All information that is used is done so to help us serve our purpose. That includes us having the ability to analyse our service, administer our service, improve our service and personalise our service. In addition, this information will be used to implement marketing strategies, distributing services to subscribers, processing orders in a timely manner and securely enabling payments for services. Below are more examples of how we intend to use your information:

  • halt, detect and investigate potentially illegal or unlawful activities, including fraud, and enforcing the T’s and C’s users have agreed to;
  • research and understand our consumers, improve our service (including our user interface experiences)

Disclosure of Information

“Service Providers” consist of companies that are outside the scope of our organization, agents and contractors that we engage with. Service Providers are engaged with to allow us to deliver these services to you in the most efficient and professional manner. Service Providers are engaged with for the purposes of marketing, advertising, communication, infrastructure and IT activity. They also allow for users to have safe payment methods, industry level customer service and a personalized experience with our services (this normally includes a consumer survey being emailed out). Service Providers have your personal information, but only after having agreed with us first that we are the only ones who have authority to use or disclose that information—meaning they are merely administrators of our services to you.