How to Implement Instagram Wellbeing Update in Your Daily Routine: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Using Instagram

By: Ellen Bartolino

In today’s digital age, the use of social media, particularly platforms like Instagram and TikTok, has become an integral part of our daily lives. While these social media apps offer countless opportunities to connect and share content, it’s important to consider the impact on our mental wellness. This article delves into how to implement Instagram’s wellbeing update in your routine, transforming your Instagram account from a simple social media platform into a tool for fostering positivity and mental wellness.

Navigating through Instagram’s myriad features, from Instagram stories and reels to hashtags and DMs, requires a mindful approach. We’ll explore strategies to manage stress and anxiety often associated with incessant scrolling, discuss how to boost self-esteem, and examine the importance of detox from constant notification checks. Whether you’re a casual user or leveraging Instagram for paying clients, understanding the smart tools to implement for a healthier relationship with these apps is crucial.

Understanding the use of Instagram responsibly involves recognizing its influence on our body’s natural rhythms, like melatonin production, and taking steps to reduce stress. This guide will offer expert advice and practical tips, from curating your feed to unfollowing accounts that don’t add value, ensuring that your Instagram use aligns with your overall wellness goals.

How to implement instagram wellbeing update in your daily routine

Understanding Instagram’s Role in Wellness and Wellbeing

The Impact of Social Media Platforms on Wellness

In the realm of social media platforms, Instagram stands out not just for its ability to connect people but also for its profound impact on mental wellness. While platforms like Instagram and TikTok have transformed how we share content and interact, they have also introduced new challenges to our daily lives. The incessant stream of posts, likes and comments, and push notifications can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety, influencing our self-esteem and overall mental health. As a popular social media app, Instagram has a responsibility to address these challenges, paving the way for a healthier engagement with technology.

After realizing I was spending almost 6 hours daily on social media platforms like Instagram, I decided to take a break. This digital detox significantly improved my mental well-being and reduced my feelings of anxiety.

Instagram as a Medium for Promoting Wellbeing

Responding to the need for a more mindful use of social media, Instagram has introduced updates focused on enhancing user wellbeing. This move transforms the Instagram app from a mere social media platform to a proactive participant in promoting mental health. The wellbeing updates are designed to foster a more positive and constructive environment, encouraging users to be more mindful about the time they spend on the app. Features like tracking screen time and managing notifications empower users to take control of their digital consumption, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Furthermore, by curating a feed that emphasizes positivity and resilience, and using tools like polls and Instagram Live thoughtfully, users can create a more balanced and beneficial experience.

Strategies for Using Instagram Mindfully in Daily Routines

Building a Wellness-Centric Routine Around Instagram

Incorporating Instagram into your daily routine doesn’t mean mindlessly scrolling through feeds. Instead, it involves strategic and mindful use of social media. Begin by setting specific times for checking your Instagram account, thereby preventing constant distraction. Notifications can be customized or turned off to minimize disruption. Embrace features like Instagram stories and reels to follow wellness influencers or hashtags that inspire and motivate, making your time on the platform enriching and purposeful.

The Role of Instagram Stories and Captions in Wellness

The content you consume and create on Instagram significantly affects your mental wellness. Using IG stories and crafting thoughtful captions can be powerful tools for expressing yourself and connecting with your target audience. Share moments of relaxation or self-care routines, and use captions to communicate genuine thoughts and feelings. This practice not only helps in building a community of support but also in creating a digital space that reflects your commitment to mental wellness. Engaging in meaningful interactions, like responding to comments and participating in polls, adds a layer of depth to your social media experience.

Teen social media usage is significant, with many using platforms like Instagram almost constantly. This persistent online presence can impact mental wellness, especially among younger users​ (Pew Research Center)​​ (Consumer Notice, LLC)​.

Leveraging Hashtags and Related Articles for Enhanced Wellbeing

Using Instagram Hashtags to Discover Wellness Content

On Instagram, hashtags are more than just a trend; they are pivotal in discovering content that aligns with your wellness goals. By following and using relevant hashtags in your posts, you can connect with a community that shares similar interests in mental wellness and self-care. This not only helps in finding inspiration but also in accessing valuable information and expert advice on wellbeing. It’s important to remember, however, that a small percentage of your followers might see your hashtagged content, so focus on quality over quantity.

Using Instagram mindfully, I started engaging more with wellness communities and using positive hashtags. This not only helped me feel more connected but also reduced the negative impact social media had on my self-esteem.

By following and using relevant hashtags in your posts, you can connect with a community that shares similar interests

Finding and Sharing Related Articles for Community Wellbeing

In addition to personal posts, sharing and engaging with related articles on wellness topics can significantly enrich your Instagram experience. This practice not only draws attention to important wellness issues but also helps in educating and informing your followers. By collaborating with others, you can extend the reach of beneficial content, creating a ripple effect of positivity and awareness. Moreover, sharing articles can stimulate deeper conversations with your audience, enhancing the sense of community and shared learning on your Instagram account.

Engaging Your Target Audience: Collaboration and Positivity on Instagram

Collaborating with Wellness Influencers for a Broader Impact

Collaboration is a key strategy on Instagram for amplifying your message about mental wellness. By partnering with wellness influencers and experts, you can broaden your reach and impact within the Instagram community. These collaborations can take various forms, from co-hosting Instagram Live sessions to participating in joint challenges or campaigns. Such partnerships not only bring variety to your content but also provide your followers with diverse perspectives and valuable insights, making your account a hub for wellness-related information and inspiration.

Creating Positive Social Media Posts for Your Audience

The content you create and share on Instagram has a powerful impact on your followers. Focus on crafting social media posts that radiate positivity and foster constructive engagement. Whether it’s through uplifting captions, motivational stories, or informative reels, your content should aim to inspire and uplift your target audience. Acknowledging and responding to comments thoughtfully is also crucial in building a supportive and engaged community. Remember, your goal is to create an Instagram feed that acts as a source of positivity and a safe space for dialogue around wellness and self-care.

A recent trend in social media related to health and wellness focuses on the role of genetics in fitness. Content creators are now acknowledging that genetic factors play a significant role in physical fitness and well-being, moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. This movement is fostering body positivity and a more mindful approach to fitness content on platforms like Instagram​ (Health Reporter)​.

The content you create and share on Instagram has a powerful impact on your followers

Transforming Instagram into a Platform for Wellness Growth

Instagram Detox: When to Take a Break for Mental Health

One significant aspect of using Instagram mindfully is recognizing the need for an occasional detox. Taking a break from the platform can be crucial for maintaining your mental wellness. Pay attention to signs of stress and anxiety that may be linked to excessive social media use. Periodically unplugging and limiting screen time allows you to reset and focus on other aspects of life. Encourage your followers to do the same by sharing your experiences and the positive impact of these breaks.

Turning Followers into Paying Clients through Wellness Initiatives

For those using Instagram professionally, the platform presents an opportunity to turn followers into paying clients. By consistently providing valuable information, engaging in mindfulness practices, and sharing your journey towards wellness, you can attract an audience interested in similar services. Offering health support and wellness programs through your account, whether it’s through personalized coaching, Instagram Live sessions, or collaborations with wellness brands, can convert your Instagram account into a thriving business channel. Remember, the authenticity and value you provide are key to converting followers into clients.


In the digital landscape where social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok dominate, understanding how to use these tools for promoting mental wellness is crucial. This article has explored various strategies, from mindful use of Instagram to leveraging hashtags and related articles, for enhancing your wellbeing. Remember, the key lies in balancing your online presence with your real-life experiences.

Engaging with Instagram shouldn’t detract from your daily lives; instead, it should add value and promote positivity. Whether you’re using the platform for personal enjoyment or as a means to attract paying clients, the principles of mindfulness, constructive engagement, and occasional digital detox remain paramount. By transforming your Instagram experience into one that supports and encourages wellness, you not only benefit yourself but also create a ripple effect that can positively impact users worldwide.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media, let us embrace these platforms not just as tools for connection but as mediums for fostering genuine wellbeing and resilience in our modern lives.

promoting mental wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

How can using hashtags effectively on Instagram benefit mental wellness?

Hashtags are more than just a trend; they can be a powerful tool for connecting with supportive communities on Instagram. Using hashtags that resonate with your ideal audience allows users to find and engage with content that inspires and supports mental wellness. It’s an important step in building a positive and meaningful online experience.

What are some strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed by social media sites like Instagram?

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s crucial to be selective with your follows and unfollow accounts that contribute to negative feelings. Also, limiting the time you spend on these sites and scheduling posts in advance can help maintain a balance. Remember, mindfulness and time for self-care are non-negotiable for maintaining mental wellness.

Can smartphones and social media contribute to anxiety and depression, and how can this be managed?

Excessive use of smartphones and social media can take a toll on mental health, potentially contributing to anxiety and depression. To manage this, it’s important to be mindful of your online habits, such as reducing screen time and engaging in self-reflection. Finding a balance and using these platforms constructively are key.

What are some tips for creating Instagram content that is engaging but not spammy or perfectionist?

Creating engaging content on Instagram involves authenticity and adding value. Focus on quality over quantity, share genuine experiences, and avoid the trap of perfectionism. Engaging with your audience in a meaningful way, such as responding to comments thoughtfully, is one of the best ways to create a positive impact.

How can I use Instagram to inspire others and promote wellness?

To inspire others on Instagram, share your wellness journey, including the challenges and successes. Use popular hashtags to increase your reach, and provide content that offers potential benefits, like health tips or motivational quotes. Your authenticity and willingness to share can greatly inspire and encourage your audience.

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