How to Use Instagram Co-Authoring Feature in Your Posts: Instagram Collab Post

By: Ellen Bartolino

In the evolving landscape of social media, Instagram’s introduction of the Instagram collab feature marks a significant innovation for users aiming to expand their influence and creative expression. This new feature allows users from any public account to invite a collaborator to co-author content directly within the platform, be it a reel or feed post. By enabling users to share the same post, it not only doubles the visibility but also significantly boosts engagement and reach.

For brands or creators looking to enhance their Instagram feed posts or capitalize on dynamic Instagram stories, understanding and implementing this feature can be transformative. From planning a giveaway with a fellow influencer to coordinating collaboration posts that highlight a product or experience, the possibilities are vast. This guide will teach you how to use the Insta collab feature effectively, from initiating a collab tag to ensuring you accept an Instagram collab invite properly.

Whether you’re wondering how to use this tool for everyday posts or seeking to collaborate on a feed post for significant campaigns, mastering this feature can profoundly impact your content strategy and social media marketing. Engage with this collaboration feature to not just meet, but exceed your digital marketing goals, enhancing your presence on the Instagram grid and beyond.

How to use instagram's co-authoring feature in posts

Understanding Instagram Collab Posts

What is a Collab Post on Instagram?

An Instagram Collab post is a powerful feature that allows two users to collaborate on a single Instagram post or reel, sharing the content simultaneously on both of their Instagram feeds. This feature not only doubles the post’s visibility but also its potential engagement, as it appears to both users’ audiences. When creating a collab post on Instagram, both the original creator and the chosen collaborator are displayed as co-authors, and both sets of followers can view, like, and comment on the post. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to expand their reach to a new audience or enhance their engagement on Instagram.

The Evolution of Collaborative Features in Social Media

Over the years, Instagram has continually adapted its platform to enhance user engagement and meet the evolving needs of its community. The introduction of the collab feature represents a significant stride in this direction. Initially, collabs happened informally—users would tag people in photos or mention them in comments. However, with the formal collab feature, Instagram has streamlined and legitimized these interactions, making them more impactful. The feature is designed to foster more meaningful partnerships and simplify the process of content co-creation, especially important for influencers and brands. Moreover, it aligns with the platform’s ongoing updates to keep up with competitors and cater to the dynamic demands of social media marketing.

Using the collab feature effectively allows users to merge their creative efforts seamlessly, making collaborative posts more accessible and more likely to receive higher engagement rates. This is particularly critical in an era where the Instagram algorithm tends to favor content that generates significant interaction, which in turn can influence organic reach and overall online presence.

How to Create an Instagram Collab Post

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Collab Post

Creating a collab post on Instagram involves a straightforward process that both new and seasoned users can easily follow. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new post: Start by tapping the ‘+’ icon in the Instagram app to either upload a new photo or video or select one from your gallery.
  2. Edit and prepare your post: Once you’ve chosen your image or video, apply any filters or edits as you normally would. Write your caption, add any desired hashtags, and then move to the tagging screen.
  3. Invite a collaborator: On the tagging screen, you’ll see an option to invite a collaborator. Tap on it and enter the Instagram username of the person you wish to collaborate with. They need to have a public account and the ability to accept collab requests.
  4. Send the collab request: Once you’ve selected your collaborator, continue to share the post as usual. Your collaborator will receive a notification to accept the invitation. They must agree to be part of the post before it goes live.
  5. Share the post: After your collaborator accepts the request, the post will be shared simultaneously on both of your Instagram profiles. It will appear in both your feeds and be visible to both user bases, effectively doubling the post’s reach.

I’ve used the collab feature to team up with influencers within our niche. Our latest campaign involved a popular yoga instructor where we co-authored a series of feed posts showcasing our new line of eco-friendly yoga mats. The response was phenomenal, with a noticeable spike in engagement and follower growth.

Accepting a Collab Request

If you’re on the receiving end of a collab invitation, the process is just as simple:

  1. Receive the notification: You’ll be notified through Instagram that someone has invited you to collaborate on a post.
  2. Review the post: Before accepting, you can view the post and decide whether it fits your Instagram content strategy.
  3. Accept the invite: If you decide to proceed, accepting the invite will add the post to your profile as well, where your followers can engage with it.
  4. Engage with the post: To maximize the post’s impact, engage with comments and share it on your stories to ensure it reaches a broader audience.

Using the collab feature effectively can significantly boost engagement and help both content creators reach new audiences more efficiently. It’s a perfect strategy for those looking to expand their social media marketing efforts and create more dynamic and engaging content on Instagram.

Using the collab feature effectively can significantly boost engagement

Strategic Benefits of Using Instagram Collab Posts

Enhancing Engagement Through Collaboration

Using the Instagram collab feature can dramatically increase the engagement on your posts. By sharing your content with another user’s audience, you are essentially doubling your exposure, which can lead to increased likes, comments, and shares. This amplified engagement is beneficial as it helps your content appear more frequently in users’ feeds due to the way the Instagram algorithm prioritizes highly engaging content. Collaborations can also introduce your brand or profile to a new audience, potentially increasing your follower count and broadening your reach.

Partnering with a local bakery to promote their new vegan range was a blast. We created collab posts that blended their culinary art with my lifestyle content. It not only diversified my content but also introduced my followers to a brand that aligns with my values, significantly boosting our shared engagement.

Benefits of Using Instagram Collabs for Social Media Marketing

  1. Extended Reach: Each collab post effectively combines the audiences of both collaborators. This is particularly useful for reaching potential followers who may be interested in similar content but haven’t yet discovered your Instagram account.
  2. Brand Partnership Opportunities: Collaborating with other creators, especially those in related niches, can lead to long-term partnerships. For brands, this means an opportunity to create co-branded content that feels authentic and engaging, increasing brand visibility and credibility.
  3. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising or influencer partnerships, Instagram collabs can be a more budget-friendly way to promote products or services. Since both parties benefit from the shared audience, costs are often lower than those associated with sponsored posts.
  4. Creative Innovation: Collaborating with other creatives can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your content, making your Instagram feed more diverse and interesting. This can lead to better content strategies and more innovative posts, appealing to a broader segment of Instagram users.
  5. Building Community: Collaboration on Instagram fosters a sense of community and mutual support among users. It encourages interaction not just between the co-authors but also among their respective followers, creating a more interconnected and supportive network.

By integrating the Insta collab feature into your social media strategy, you can leverage these benefits to not only increase your visibility and engagement but also to foster meaningful connections and partnerships that could drive your Instagram presence forward.

Creative Ways to Use Instagram Collab Posts

Instagram Collab Post Ideas for Different Niches

  1. Influencers: Fashion influencers can partner with brands to showcase new clothing lines. By co-authoring a post, both the influencer and the brand benefit from the expanded audience reach, and followers get to see how outfits look on someone they trust.
  2. Artists: Visual artists can collaborate on pieces and share the creation process via an Instagram Collab post. This not only shows the artistic collaboration but also the behind-the-scenes which is highly engaging for the audience.
  3. Chefs and Food Bloggers: Two chefs might come together to create a unique recipe, each bringing their own signature style to the dish. Sharing this through a Collab post can engage food enthusiasts from both audiences.
  4. Fitness Trainers: Trainers can collaborate on workout routines or challenges, encouraging their followers to try new fitness activities and promoting health and wellness.
  5. Musicians: Musicians from similar or different genres can collaborate on a piece or a performance, sharing their process and the final product, reaching fans of both artists.

Integrating the Insta collab feature into your social media strategy

Engagement and Usage: Instagram collab posts continue to be an effective tool for reaching broader audiences. Notably, businesses with fewer than 10,000 followers see an average engagement rate of 1.11% on their posts, which highlights the advantage of targeted, smaller audience interactions​ (Collabstr)​.

Leveraging Collab Posts in Instagram Reels and Feed Posts

  • Reels: Use the dynamic format of Reels for collaborations that require more visual and audio engagement, such as dance challenges, musical duets, or quick DIY projects. The playful and entertaining nature of Reels makes them ideal for collaborative efforts that aim to capture attention quickly.
  • Feed Posts: For more detailed collaborations, such as tutorials, in-depth reviews, or detailed storytelling, feed posts provide the space needed. These can include multiple images or a carousel post that details each step or aspect of the collaboration.

By exploring these diverse approaches to using the Instagram collab feature, users can not only enhance their content but also strategically increase their engagement and reach on the platform. Whether it’s through fun and lighthearted Reels or more substantial feed posts, collaborations offer a versatile and effective way to connect with more users and enrich your Instagram content.

Influencer Marketing Insights: The average cost for an influencer collaboration on Instagram is $363, indicating the platform’s ongoing relevance in influencer marketing. This cost often includes various content types like static posts, reels, and stories, which are vital components of effective Instagram strategies​ (Collabstr)​.


Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the dynamic capabilities of the Instagram collab feature for posts and reels, highlighting its potential to transform how content is created and shared on the platform. From step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage collab posts, to strategic insights on leveraging these for increased engagement and reach, it’s clear that this feature is a potent tool for anyone looking to enhance their Instagram strategy.

Instagram collabs offer a unique opportunity for users to broaden their audience, engage with new followers, and create innovative content through partnerships. Whether you are an influencer, a business, or an everyday user, utilizing this feature can lead to significant benefits: amplified engagement, expanded reach, and stronger community ties. The ability to share the creative process and outcomes with another user not only doubles the potential visibility but also introduces a collaborative spirit that is highly valued on social media today.

As Instagram continues to evolve, staying abreast of and utilizing features like collab posts will be crucial for anyone looking to maintain and grow their presence on this popular social platform. So, embrace the power of collaboration to not only enhance your content but also to build meaningful connections that propel your Instagram presence to new heights.

A recent campaign showcased how a well-known fashion brand leveraged the collab feature to double its engagement rates. By partnering with an eco-conscious influencer, the brand highlighted its commitment to sustainability. The collaboration not only aligned with the influencer’s audience but also brought significant attention to the brand’s new sustainable line. This case not only shows the potential for targeted audience engagement but also underscores the importance of brand-influencer alignment in achieving marketing objectives.

Instagram collab feature for posts and reels

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the Instagram Collab feature, or are there restrictions?

The Instagram Collab feature is available to all users with public accounts. However, private account holders cannot use this feature to create collab posts. Both parties involved in the collaboration must agree to the post before it can be published.

How do Instagram Collab posts affect the algorithm and visibility of my content?

Instagram Collab posts can positively impact the algorithm by increasing engagement and reach. Since the post appears on both collaborators’ feeds, it gains double the exposure, which can enhance visibility and potentially lead to higher engagement rates, influencing the algorithm favorably.

Is there a limit to how many collaborators can join a single Instagram Collab post?

Currently, Instagram allows only two users to collaborate on a single Collab post. This includes the original poster and one collaborator. The feature is designed to simplify content sharing between two accounts.

Can I edit a Collab post after it has been published on Instagram?

Once a Collab post is published, you can edit the caption, tags, and location, but you cannot change the collaborator unless you delete the post and create a new one with a different collaborator.

What happens if a collaborator decides to delete their account or the shared post?

If a collaborator deletes their account or removes the shared post, it will no longer appear on their profile but will remain active on the profile of the remaining user. If the original poster deletes the post, it will be removed from both profiles.

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