How to Use New Instagram Music Library: A User’s Guide to Adding Music to Instagram

By: Ellen Bartolino

In the dynamic world of social media, Instagram continues to innovate, particularly with its music features. Whether you’re a budding artist looking to get your music on Instagram or an avid user eager to enhance your Instagram stories and reels, understanding how to effectively add music can transform your content. With platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and music distribution services such as DistroKid and TuneCore, the process of getting your tracks onto Instagram has become more accessible. This article will guide you through everything from uploading your music to Instagram to creatively using songs in your Instagram posts. Whether you’re operating a business account or just sharing moments with friends, adding the right music for Instagram can dramatically elevate your social media presence. Let’s dive into the world of Instagram’s in-app music library, explore third-party apps, and discover how to share your music effectively in 2024.

How to use new Instagram music library

Understanding Instagram’s Music Features

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Instagram has rolled out an impressive music feature that allows users to express themselves more creatively. Whether it’s a story or reel, the right tune can set the mood and engage your audience. Here’s everything you need to know about utilizing Instagram’s music library to its full potential.

Exploring the In-App Music Library

Opening the Instagram app reveals a treasure trove of music options. With a simple tap on the music icon in the top right corner of your screen, you unlock access to a world of popular songs and royalty-free music. This in-app music library is continually updated, ensuring users can keep up with the latest hits and discover hidden gems. Whether you’re looking to add a specific song to your post or browsing for something that catches your ear, the extensive library caters to all tastes.

The Integration of Music in Instagram Stories and Reels

Insta stories and reels have become a staple in digital storytelling, and adding music to them enhances the experience. When you take a photo or video, you’ll see an option to add music. The process is intuitive: tap on the music icon, use the search bar to find a song on Instagram, or browse through the categories. Once you select a song, you can choose the exact part of the track that fits your story’s mood. For reels, the music becomes a backbone, often driving the narrative or complementing the visual elements.

In addition to the in-app library, Instagram integrates with external music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This integration allows users to share what they’re listening to directly onto their stories. When a follower taps on the story, they get a preview and can jump directly to the app to listen to the full song. This feature not only enhances user experience but also offers artists a platform to get their music onto a broader audience.

Instagram has also made strides in making music accessible to business accounts. While there were initial limitations due to copyright issues, recent updates have expanded access, allowing businesses to share their brand’s personality through music. It’s important, however, to be mindful of copyright infringement and to use royalty-free music or tracks you own the rights to.

As a content creator, I’ve found that incorporating music into my Instagram stories significantly increases viewer engagement. By selecting tunes that match the mood of the content, I’ve observed a notable rise in viewer interaction and positive feedback.

How to Use New Instagram Music Library

The new Instagram music library is a game-changer for users looking to add a musical touch to their content. Whether you’re an artist wanting to upload your music to Instagram or a user seeking to enhance your posts, understanding how to navigate and utilize this feature is key. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most out of the Instagram music library.

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Adding Music to Your Instagram Post

Adding music to your Instagram posts is a simple process that can significantly enhance your content’s appeal. To add a song to an Instagram post, start by opening the Instagram app. Select the plus icon in the top right corner to create a new post. After you take a photo or video or select one from your camera roll, you will see an option to add music. Tap on the music icon, and a list of songs will appear. You can either search for a specific song using the search bar or browse through the music options available. Once you’ve selected your track, you can choose the exact part of the song that best fits your post.

Navigating the Music Library Interface

The Instagram music library interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Upon tapping the music icon, you’re greeted with a search bar at the top and a selection of trending songs and music categories below. You can search for songs directly or explore different genres and moods to find the perfect track. The library also provides a preview feature, allowing you to listen to a snippet of the song before making your selection.

The Instagram music library interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

Adding Music to Instagram Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels have revolutionized the way we share and consume content on the platform. Adding music to these features can greatly enhance their appeal and engagement. Here’s how you can master the art of incorporating music into your IG stories and reels.

Steps to Add Music to Instagram Stories

Adding music to an Instagram story is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the Instagram app and swipe right or tap the camera icon to create a new story.
  2. Capture or upload your photo or video.
  3. Tap the sticker icon in the top right corner, then select the music sticker.
  4. Search for a song on Instagram or choose from the suggested list.
  5. Select the part of the song you want to feature in your story. You can also choose how you want the song title and album cover to appear.
  6. Place the music sticker on your story and tap “add your story” to share.

Creative Uses of Music in Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels offer a unique way to create short, engaging videos with music:

  1. To start, open the Reels camera in the Instagram app.
  2. Before or after recording your video, tap the music icon to add a song.
  3. Similar to stories, you can search for a specific track or browse through the options.
  4. Select the portion of the song you want to include.
  5. Get creative with your reel – sync your movements or transitions with the beat, or use the music to add a humorous or dramatic effect.

Reels camera in the Instagram app

Get Your Music on Instagram

For artists and musicians, Instagram is not just a platform to share content but also a powerful tool to get your music heard. With the right approach, you can upload your music to Instagram, reaching a wider audience and connecting with your fans in a more engaging way. Here’s how to navigate this process.

Upload Your Music to Instagram

To upload your music to Instagram, you first need to ensure your tracks are available on the platform. This involves using a music distribution service like DistroKid or TuneCore. These services distribute your music to various platforms, including Instagram’s music library. Once your music is available on these services, it automatically becomes accessible for use in Instagram stories and reels.

Collaborating with Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music

Instagram has partnerships with streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. By linking your artist profile from these platforms to your Instagram account, your followers can access your music directly from your posts. When you release new music on these platforms, sharing it on Instagram can drive your streams and enhance your visibility.

Advanced Tips: Using Third-Party Apps and Personal Tracks

While Instagram’s music library offers a vast selection, sometimes you might want to add a personal touch or use music not available on the platform. This is where third-party apps and using your own tracks come into play. Let’s explore how to enhance your Instagram stories and reels with these advanced techniques.

How to Use Third-Party Apps to Share Music

There are several third-party apps that allow you to add your own music or tracks not available on Instagram. Apps like InShot, VivaVideo, and Storybeat enable you to add music to your video before uploading it to Instagram. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Choose an app and upload your photo or video.
  2. Add your chosen song or audio.
  3. Edit the video as needed and save it to your device.
  4. Upload the edited video directly to Instagram.

There are several third-party apps that allow you to add your own music

Adding Your Own Music to Instagram Stories

For artists or users who want to add their own music to Instagram:

  1. Ensure you have the right to use the music.
  2. Use a video editing app to add your track to the video.
  3. Upload the video to Instagram stories or reels.

A report from HubSpot revealed that 82% of Instagram marketers posted video content on the platform, with video-based formats being the most used. Furthermore, 84% of marketers reported that Instagram marketing was effective for their company in the previous year.


Navigating the world of music on Instagram can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially with the constant updates and new features. From using the in-app music library to exploring third-party apps and even uploading your own music, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re an artist looking to get your music on Instagram, a business seeking to enhance your Instagram posts, or just someone who enjoys adding a musical touch to your stories and reels, these tools and tips can elevate your Instagram experience.

Remember, the key to success on Instagram, music-related or otherwise, is creativity and authenticity. Experiment with different music choices, engage with your audience, and most importantly, have fun with it. Instagram’s music features not only allow for more engaging content but also open new avenues for artists to share and promote their music.

In 2024, Instagram continues to be a powerful platform for personal expression and musical discovery. So go ahead, play around with these features, and let your posts sing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add My Own Original Music to Instagram Posts and Stories?

Yes, you can add your own music to Insta posts and stories. First, upload your song to a music distribution platform like DistroKid or TuneCore, which will distribute it to Instagram’s music library. Once your song is available on Instagram, you can add it to your posts and stories just like any other track.

How Do I Add Captions and Text to Instagram Stories with Music?

To add captions or text to an Instagram story with music, start by selecting or recording your video and adding your chosen song. Then, tap the “Aa” icon on the top right of the screen to enter text mode. You can type your caption, adjust the font style, color, and position, and then share your story.

What Should I Know About Royalties and Using Music on Instagram?

When using music on Instagram, especially for commercial purposes, it’s important to understand the royalty implications. If you’re an artist, using distribution services ensures you receive royalties for your music. For other users, sticking to Instagram’s in-app music library, which handles licensing and royalties, is the safest bet to avoid copyright issues.

How Can I Use Instagram’s Music Features for a Business or Creator Account?

For business or creator accounts, Instagram offers a range of music features to enhance your content. You can access the music library to add songs to your posts and stories. Ensure you’re using music that aligns with your brand and adheres to Instagram’s music policies, especially regarding commercial usage.

Are There Any Hacks for Uploading Music Not Available on Instagram’s Library?

If a specific song isn’t available on Instagram’s music library, you can use third-party apps to add the track to your video before uploading it to Instagram. Apps like InShot or VivaVideo let you add any audio to your video. However, ensure you have the rights to use the music to avoid copyright issues.

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