How to Use Instagram for Nonprofit Fundraising: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Nonprofits

By: Ellen Bartolino

In the digital age, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram is crucial for nonprofit organizations looking to amplify their impact. Specifically, mastering Instagram effectively for fundraising can transform how nonprofits connect with their audience and solicit donations. This complete guide focuses on how nonprofits must use Instagram’s unique features – from Instagram Stories to Instagram Live, Reels, and fundraiser tools – to create engaging content and foster community support.

Understanding the power of an Instagram business account and a well-crafted Instagram bio is just the start. With over a billion active Instagram users, the platform offers an expansive reach for nonprofit marketing. But it’s not just about having an account; it’s about utilizing Instagram for your nonprofit in a way that resonates with your audience. From creating Instagram ads and Instagram fundraisers to using hashtags and Instagram Insights, there’s a multitude of strategies to explore.

Furthermore, Instagram provides charitable giving tools like the donation sticker, making it easier for nonprofits to fundraise on Instagram. Peer-to-peer fundraising and collaborating with influencers can significantly boost a fundraising campaign. But remember, it’s a good idea to maintain best practices in social media marketing strategy, ensuring your efforts are not only seen but also compelling enough to drive action.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from setting up your account, utilizing various Instagram features, to strategizing your content for maximum impact. Whether you’re new to Instagram fundraising or looking to enhance your existing marketing strategy, this ultimate guide will equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively use Instagram for your nonprofit.

How to use Instagram for nonprofit fundraising

Fundraising on Instagram: An Overview for Nonprofits

Instagram has revolutionized the way nonprofit organizations connect with potential donors and fundraise. As a powerful social media platform, Instagram offers a unique blend of visual storytelling and audience engagement that is ideal for nonprofit fundraising.

The Potential of Instagram for Nonprofits

Instagram’s vast user base presents a significant opportunity for nonprofits to increase visibility and drive fundraising campaigns. The platform’s visual nature allows for compelling storytelling, which is crucial in highlighting the impact of a nonprofit’s work. By creating an Instagram account specific to your nonprofit, you can reach a wider audience, share your mission, and build a community around your cause.

Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels offer dynamic ways to engage with followers. With features like donation stickers, nonprofits can directly solicit funds, making it easy for users to donate. Additionally, using hashtags and Instagram’s search functionality can increase the visibility of your content, helping you reach potential new followers and donors.

Corporate philanthropy, especially matching gift programs, represents a significant opportunity for nonprofits. Approximately $2-$3 billion is donated annually through matching gift programs. Despite this, an estimated $6-$10 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed every year. This highlights the potential for nonprofits to encourage donors to leverage these corporate programs.

Key Instagram Features for Effective Fundraising

    • Instagram Business Account: Setting up a business account gives you access to valuable features like Instagram Insights, which helps track the reach and engagement of your posts.
    • Creating Engaging Content: Whether it’s through regular Instagram posts, live sessions, or reels, producing content that resonates with your audience is vital. Engaging content should tell a story, highlight successes, and show the real impact of donations.
    • Using Hashtags and Collaborations: Incorporating relevant hashtags increases the discoverability of your posts. Collaborating with influencers or other organizations can extend your reach and lend credibility to your cause.
    • Instagram Ads: Utilizing Instagram ads can be an effective way to boost your fundraising campaign. Ads allow you to target specific demographics, ensuring that your message reaches those most likely to support your cause.
    • Instagram Fundraiser Tools: Features like the ‘donate’ button on your profile and fundraiser stickers in stories simplify the donation process, making it more likely for followers to contribute.

In summary, using Instagram for your nonprofit requires a strategic approach to content creation, audience engagement, and the use of platform-specific tools. With a thoughtful Instagram strategy, nonprofits can harness the power of this platform to significantly boost their fundraising efforts.

For nonprofit organizations, event and online fundraising continue to be crucial for revenue generation. In 2022, over half of the nonprofits reported that they generated 21% or more of their annual operating revenue from event and online fundraising efforts. This trend underscores the importance of these channels in overall fundraising strategy​.

Creating an Engaging Instagram Profile for Your Nonprofit

Your Instagram profile is often the first point of contact potential donors and followers have with your nonprofit organization. Therefore, making a strong first impression is crucial. An engaging and informative profile can be a game-changer in your fundraising on Instagram efforts.

Crafting a Compelling Bio and Profile Aesthetic

The bio of your Instagram business account should succinctly convey your nonprofit’s mission and values. This small yet mighty section should include a clear call-to-action, such as a link to your donation page or website. Your profile’s aesthetic should reflect your organization’s identity and cause, using consistent colors, logos, and imagery.

The bio of your Instagram business account should succinctly convey your nonprofit's mission and values

The Importance of Regular, Relevant Content

Consistency is key in maintaining and growing your Instagram account. Regular posting keeps your organization top of mind for your audience. This content can range from updates on your projects, success stories, Instagram posts about upcoming events, to Instagram Stories that provide behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Engaging captions and strategic use of hashtags can enhance the reach of each post. Remember, the goal is to create content that resonates with your audience and encourages them to support your cause.

As the founder of a small nonprofit, I’ve found Instagram invaluable for reaching our community. We started using Instagram Stories to share the daily impact of our work, and it’s been incredible to see the engagement. After posting a story about one of our projects, we saw a 30% increase in donations within just 48 hours.

Leveraging Instagram Stories for Nonprofit Fundraising

Instagram Stories are an invaluable tool for nonprofits looking to engage with their audience in a more personal and immediate way. Their temporary nature creates a sense of urgency, encouraging users to take action quickly.

Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Fundraising

  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Share the day-to-day activities of your nonprofit, offering a genuine look at the work you do. This transparency builds trust and a stronger connection with your audience.
  • Donation Stickers: A simple and effective tool, donation stickers allow followers to donate directly from your story. Highlighting specific causes or projects can make these asks more compelling.
  • Countdowns and Reminders: For upcoming events or the end of fundraising campaigns, countdown stickers can create anticipation and prompt immediate action.

Using Stories to Connect with Donors and Gain New Followers

  • Engage with Interactive Features: Polls, questions, and quizzes can make your stories interactive and engaging. These features not only foster engagement but also provide valuable feedback and insights.
  • Highlight Success Stories: Sharing impactful stories of how donations have been used can motivate others to contribute. It’s a powerful way to show the real-world impact of your work.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Partnering with influencers who support your cause can amplify your message and extend your reach.

Partnering with influencers who support your cause can amplify your message and extend your reach

Instagram Stories provide a dynamic way to share content that doesn’t fit into your regular Instagram feed. By using stories strategically, you can keep your followers engaged, informed, and motivated to support your fundraising efforts.

My experience as a volunteer coordinator has taught me the power of visuals on Instagram. We organized a photo campaign showcasing our volunteers in action, which we shared on our feed and through Reels. This campaign not only raised awareness about our cause but also attracted new volunteers and supporters, leading to a significant uptick in our fundraising.

Maximizing Donations with Instagram Ads

Engaging in Instagram ads is a pivotal strategy for nonprofits seeking to enhance their fundraising initiatives. These ads, when utilized skillfully, can significantly broaden your reach and impact.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Instagram Ads for Fundraising

Creating effective Instagram ads begins with a clear objective. Understanding what your nonprofit aims to achieve, be it increasing donation volumes or promoting events, sets the stage for a successful ad campaign. Targeting the right audience is crucial. Instagram’s advanced targeting options enable your ad to connect with people likely to resonate with and support your cause. This targeting takes into account various demographic factors, including interests and behaviors, ensuring your message reaches the right eyes and ears. The design aspect of your ad should not be underestimated. An ad that captures attention through striking visuals and a resonant message can significantly influence viewer response. The key lies in aligning these elements with your nonprofit’s mission and ethos, creating an ad that is not only visually appealing but also emotionally compelling.

Crafting Effective Call-to-Actions in Your Instagram Ads

The effectiveness of an Instagram ad heavily relies on its call-to-action. A direct and clear CTA, such as “Donate Now” or “Learn More,” guides the viewer seamlessly to the next step. The urgency in messaging can be a driving force. By communicating the immediacy of your cause, such as through phrases like “Help now” or “Act today,” you can spur immediate action from the audience. Instagram offers a variety of features to make these calls to action more engaging, such as the ‘Swipe Up’ option in stories or ‘Learn More’ buttons in-feed ads. These features are instrumental in steering your audience directly to your donation page or website, thereby simplifying the donation process.

Through Instagram ads, your nonprofit can extend its reach, engage a broader audience, and ultimately amplify its fundraising success. The art of crafting these ads lies in the seamless blend of strategic targeting, compelling visuals, and persuasive calls to action, all harmonized to echo your nonprofit’s mission and impact.

The effectiveness of an Instagram ad heavily relies on its call-to-action

Advanced Instagram Fundraising Tools and Strategies

Harnessing advanced tools and strategies on Instagram can significantly enhance your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Understanding and utilizing these tools effectively is key to maximizing your impact and donations.

Hosting Instagram Live Events for Fundraising

Instagram Live offers a dynamic way to connect with your audience in real-time. Hosting live events such as Q&A sessions, interviews, or coverage of live events can create a sense of community and immediacy. These live interactions not only humanize your nonprofit but also allow for real-time engagement with supporters. During these sessions, you can discuss your mission, share success stories, and explain how donations are utilized, providing a transparent and direct appeal to your audience. The live format also enables immediate feedback and interaction, making your supporters feel more connected and involved in your cause.

Using Reels and Hashtags to Boost Fundraising Efforts

Incorporating Instagram Reels into your strategy offers a fresh, engaging way to tell your nonprofit’s story. Reels, with their short-form, high-impact format, are perfect for capturing the attention of users quickly. You can use Reels to showcase the impact of your work, share beneficiary stories, or highlight fundraising events in an engaging, easily digestible format.

Effective use of hashtags can also exponentially increase the visibility of your posts and Reels. By incorporating relevant and popular hashtags, you can reach a wider audience beyond your existing followers. This not only increases your content’s reach but also helps attract new supporters and potential donors.

Moreover, regularly updating your Instagram profile, sharing engaging content, and using Instagram’s array of features can transform the way you connect with your audience and fundraise. Each post, story, Reel, or live event is an opportunity to engage with your community, share your mission, and drive donations.

Through strategic use of these advanced tools and strategies, your nonprofit can effectively leverage Instagram’s vast platform to boost fundraising efforts, expand its reach, and deepen its impact.

Effective use of hashtags can also exponentially increase the visibility of your posts and Reels


In today’s digital landscape, Instagram has emerged as a formidable tool for nonprofit fundraising. By embracing the platform’s diverse features—from Instagram Stories and Live sessions to Reels and fundraising tools—nonprofits can unlock new avenues for engagement and donations. Creating an effective Instagram account and profile, utilizing engaging content, and leveraging Instagram ads and hashtags are just the start.

The journey of fundraising on Instagram involves continuous learning and adaptation. It’s about connecting with your audience, telling your story in compelling ways, and using the platform’s features to their fullest potential. Remember, success on Instagram is not just measured by the funds raised but also by the community you build and the awareness you generate for your cause.

As we’ve explored in this guide, Instagram offers a multitude of ways for nonprofits to fundraise and engage with supporters. It’s a platform where creativity meets purpose, and where every post, story, and campaign can contribute significantly to your fundraising goals. So, embrace these strategies, be authentic in your approach, and watch as your nonprofit’s reach and impact grow on Instagram.

In conclusion, using Instagram for nonprofit fundraising is not just a strategy; it’s an opportunity to tell your story, engage with supporters, and make a tangible difference in the world. With dedication, creativity, and the right approach, your nonprofit can harness the power of Instagram to fuel its mission and achieve remarkable fundraising success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can nonprofits use Instagram Insights to improve their fundraising efforts?

Instagram Insights is a powerful tool for nonprofits to analyze their audience’s engagement and behavior on the platform. By understanding which types of posts receive the most interaction and at what times followers are most active, nonprofits can tailor their content strategy to maximize reach and impact. Regularly reviewing insights helps in refining the approach to posts, Stories, and ads, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the target audience and drives fundraising success.

Can nonprofits integrate Facebook and Instagram for more effective fundraising campaigns?

Absolutely! Nonprofits can leverage the integration of Facebook and Instagram to broaden their reach and streamline their online fundraising efforts. By linking their Instagram account to their Facebook page, nonprofits can share content across both platforms, reaching a larger audience. Additionally, using Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) fundraising tools, they can create synchronized campaigns across both platforms, making it easier for supporters to donate and share the cause within their networks.

What are some successful social media strategies for nonprofits on Instagram?

Successful social media strategies for nonprofits on Instagram include creating engaging and authentic content that tells the story of the nonprofit’s impact, using a mix of posts, Stories, and Reels. Regularly using hashtags relevant to the cause helps in increasing discoverability. Collaborating with influencers or similar organizations can extend reach. Additionally, engaging directly with the community by responding to comments and messages fosters a deeper connection with supporters.

How can nonprofits effectively use Instagram Live for fundraising?

Instagram Live offers a unique opportunity for real-time engagement. Nonprofits can use it for hosting Q&A sessions, interviews with beneficiaries, or live coverage of events. During these live sessions, they can discuss their mission, the impact of donations, and direct viewers to donate using links or donation stickers. Instagram Live can humanize the cause and create a stronger emotional connection, encouraging viewers to support the fundraising efforts.

What are some innovative ways to use Instagram content to drive traffic to a nonprofit’s website?

To drive traffic to a nonprofit’s website, Instagram content should include clear calls-to-action, directing followers to the website for more information, donations, or event registrations. Using Instagram Stories with ‘swipe up’ links (for accounts with sufficient followers) or bio links in posts are effective strategies. Creating engaging content that highlights the value found on the website, such as detailed stories, downloadable resources, or registration pages for events, can also motivate followers to visit the site.

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