How to Upload Videos on Instagram from a PC: The Ultimate Guide for Desktop Users

By: Ellen Bartolino

Struggling to post videos to your Instagram account from your desktop computer? It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with pieces from different boxes. Thankfully, the days of toggling between your PC and phone are over! Whether you’re looking to share Instagram Stories or Reels, this guide makes it a breeze. You’ll learn how to upload and post Instagram stories directly from your PC, bringing the entirety of your Instagram feed to the comfort of your desktop PC. Discover ways to post on Instagram using your computer, upload photos and videos effortlessly, and schedule Instagram stories for maximum impact. Get ready to access Instagram from your desktop and post your video content with ease!

How to upload videos on instagram from computer

Instagram Video Specifications and Requirements

Preferred Formats and File Sizes

When it comes to video requirements for Instagram, think of it as packing a suitcase for a weekend getaway. Your video format needs to be MP4 (the neatly folded clothes), and you have to resize your video to fit Instagram’s luggage limits. Overpack, and you might get hit with an ‘oversize baggage’ fee (aka, your video won’t upload). When you’re ready to post your video, make sure it aligns with Instagram’s format specifications. Whether uploading from your computer or phone, maintaining the correct file size is crucial.

Playback, Frame Rate, and Dimension Limits

Got a video masterpiece ready? Hold up! Ensure your video file doesn’t exceed Instagram’s dimension runway. Plus, the frame rate should be like a relaxed stroll in the park—30 FPS or less. Just like you don’t sprint on a casual walk, don’t let your video sprint past these limits. If you want to post to Instagram, keeping your video within these boundaries ensures a smooth upload process, whether you’re using Instagram on a PC or from your phone.

Aspect Ratio Guidelines

Instagram’s video stories and posts are like choosing the right outfit. For a story, you’ll want a vertical mobile device vibe (9:16 ratio), while posts can be more relaxed, sitting comfortably in square or landscape formats. When creating images and videos, consider the aspect ratio to enhance viewer experience. Whether you’re posting from a computer or Mac, adjusting the aspect ratio for the specific type of post—whether it’s a regular feed post, story, or Instagram Reels from PC—can significantly impact how your audience engages with your content.

Instagram has seen an 80% increase in users’ time watching videos on the platform.

Methods to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC

Using Directly

Why complicate life? Just head over to the Instagram website and select from your computer. It’s as easy as ordering pizza online—few clicks, and you’re all set!

Utilizing Social Media Management Tools

If you’re juggling multiple accounts, tools like can be your social media Swiss Army Knife. Schedule Instagram posts, upload and post, and keep an eye on your Instagram feed—all from the comfort of your computer chair.

Browser Extensions and Tools

Enter the realm of extensions and tools like Chrome. For those not on the bandwagon, tools that work on PC or Mac can be lifesavers, allowing you to upload a video to Instagram directly from your browser.

As a content creator, I found that using the Vivaldi browser transformed my Instagram workflow. The ability to upload directly through a mobile version of Instagram on my desktop saved me considerable time.

Third-Party Apps and Android Emulators

Sometimes, a third-party app is the key to unlocking Instagram’s potential. Download one to your mobile app, and it’s like having a secret door to Narnia but for Instagram uploads.

Download a third-party app to your mobile app

Enhancing Instagram Video Posts

Editing and Captioning before Uploading

Crafting a compelling caption is just as crucial as the video editing itself. Share your story and grab attention right from the start. When editing your video, make sure that your video aligns with your message. Whether you’re posting from a PC or a mobile device, your content should reflect your brand’s voice.

Selecting and Using Hashtags Effectively

Use relevant hashtags to categorize your Instagram post and make it easier for users to find. Effective hashtag use can significantly increase the reach of your Instagram ads, especially when you upload to Instagram. Remember, hashtags are a powerful tool to connect with your audience and be discovered.

Choosing the Right Cover Image and Thumbnails

Pick a cover image that represents your video well on any mobile device or desktop. This first impression can be the deciding factor for viewers to watch your videos on Instagram. When creating your video, especially long videos or ones meant for Instagram Reels from PC, consider how the thumbnail will look on both the Instagram app and Instagram on desktop. Your cover image should be as engaging as the content itself, enticing viewers to click and watch your new post.

The average engagement rate for all post types is 0.71%, 0.59% for photo posts, 1.26% for carousel posts, and 1.23% for Instagram Reels.

Best Practices for Instagram Video Content

Creating engaging and evergreen content

Evergreen content will always stay relevant on your Instagram video feed. Keep it engaging and timeless. This kind of content ensures that whether viewers find your video today or a year from now, it remains relevant and interesting. When posting a video on Instagram from your PC or phone, focus on creating content that withstands the test of time.

Incorporating storytelling and relatable elements

Create content that resonates with your audience. Make it relatable, just like Khaby Lame’s approach to Instagram videos that are humorous and poke fun at overly complicated tutorials​. Storytelling can be a powerful tool in making your videos on Instagram more engaging and memorable. Whether you post from a computer or mobile device, narratives that connect with viewers can significantly boost your content’s appeal.

Understanding your audience and competition

Stay informed about what works for your competitors and adapt your strategy for better engagement on Instagram. Understanding what content appeals to your audience and how you can differentiate your videos, is crucial. Observe the trends and techniques that are successful and think about how you can post photos and videos that stand out in your Instagram feed. This could involve using unique angles, innovative editing styles, or incorporating the latest features like Instagram Reels from PC to keep your audience engaged and interested.

How you can post photos and videos that stand out in your Instagram feed

Maximizing Engagement and Reach

Best times to post on Instagram for higher visibility

To maximize your post’s impact, schedule Instagram posts during peak hours. These are the times when your audience is most active. Surprisingly, these best posting times vary. According to, the key is to align with your audience’s schedule and timezone. The Instagram algorithm favors recent posts, so timing is everything for higher visibility​​.

Utilizing Instagram’s scheduling feature through Meta Creator Studio allowed me to strategically plan my posts, leading to a noticeable increase in engagement and reach.

Utilizing Calls to Action (CTAs) effectively

Your post is not just about sharing content; it’s about encouraging action. Use clear CTAs to boost audience engagement. Whether it’s guiding them to your website or simply asking for a comment, a direct audience interaction can significantly enhance your Instagram strategy.

Analyzing Most Viewed Instagram Videos

Insights from popular videos

Looking at the most viewed Instagram videos, like Lady Gaga’s tattoo reveal or Letterlapse’s art creation, reveals a trend: simplicity and authenticity connect deeply with audiences. These videos show that viral content doesn’t always need high-end production; it needs to resonate with viewers​​.

Conclusion: A Critical Tip for Success

In wrapping up, remember that nailing Instagram uploads from your PC goes beyond just posting videos. It’s about crafting content that reflects your unique style and brand. Embrace authenticity and engagement as your guiding stars. Apply these principles, combined with lessons from trending Instagram reels from PC or live videos, to carve out your distinct path. Always be eager to learn how to post more creatively and connect your Instagram account to your real-world experiences. So, get ready to upload your video to Instagram and share a video to Instagram that’s genuinely you. Instagram on desktop isn’t just a tool; it’s your personal stage to showcase creativity.

Instagram on desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit videos for Instagram on my PC before uploading?

Yes, you can edit your videos on a PC using various video editing software. Once edited, upload Instagram videos directly from your computer. This allows for more detailed editing compared to using the app on your phone.

How can I ensure my Instagram videos are high quality when posting from a PC?

To ensure high quality, select from computer files that meet Instagram’s resolution and size requirements. It’s important to know how to post videos in the right format to maintain quality.

Is there a way to automate Instagram video posts from a desktop?

Yes, you can automate posts by using social media management tools that allow you to schedule posts. This can be done directly from your desktop, making it easy to post regularly.

What are the best practices for creating Instagram video ads from a PC?

When creating Instagram video ads, focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Utilize tools available on your PC for editing and adding effects to make your ad stand out.

How can I troubleshoot common issues when posting videos to Instagram from a Mac computer?

If you encounter issues while posting from a Mac computer, ensure your Instagram app is updated and check your internet connection. Sometimes, restarting the app or your computer can resolve these issues.

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