How to Share a Link on Instagram Story: Step-by-Step Instructions to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

By: Ellen Bartolino

Instagram has revolutionized how we share and consume content, with Instagram Stories emerging as a powerful tool for creators and businesses alike. An essential feature within this space is the ability to link to your Instagram story. Historically, this capability was limited to verified accounts or those with a significant number of followers, but recent updates have made it more accessible.

The introduction of the ‘link sticker,’ a game-changer in this realm, allows you to add links directly to your stories, offering a new way to drive traffic to websites, landing pages, or even YouTube channels. This feature is not just a mere addition; it’s a strategic tool that can boost your engagement, enhance your content’s visibility, and provide a direct link to the information or products you want to share. Whether you are a seasoned Instagram creator or just starting, understanding how to effectively use these stickers in your stories is key to maximizing your Instagram account’s potential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to add and customize link stickers, share links to your stories, and strategically drive more traffic to your chosen platform, be it a website, blog, or even a YouTube channel. From tapping into the potential of clickable links to utilizing the Instagram app for creative story-telling, this article will provide all the insights you need to know to get your content seen and engaged with. We’ll also delve into how this feature can be a significant driver in your overall strategy to connect with your audience, whether through a single link or multiple links in your stories. So, let’s dive in and explore the dynamic world of links in stories – regardless of whether you’re using a business or personal account, it’s time to optimize your story!

How to share a link on instagram story

Understanding the Impact of Link Stickers on Engagement

The introduction of link stickers to Insta Stories has been a transformative feature for both personal and business accounts. These stickers allow users to add links directly into their stories, creating a clickable element that can significantly enhance viewer engagement. For businesses and creators, it’s an innovative way to drive traffic directly to their website, landing page, or YouTube channel. The ease of just tapping the sticker has made sharing content more dynamic and interactive.

Link stickers have made Stories not just a tool for sharing daily activities but also a powerful platform for content marketing. By enabling followers to swipe up or tap on a link, these stickers have revolutionized how businesses and influencers drive traffic to their websites or YouTube channels. Whether it’s promoting a new product, sharing a blog post, or directing viewers to a YouTube video, the impact of this feature is substantial. For instance, if you run a fashion blog, you can now easily add a story linking directly to your latest article or product page.

Moreover, for content creators, link stickers provide an avenue to share additional resources or related articles. This not only keeps the viewer engaged but also establishes the creator’s authority in their niche. For instance, a fitness influencer can share workout routines on their story and include a link to your story with detailed workout plans or nutrition guides.

A 2023 study found that Instagram stories with link stickers see a 30% higher engagement rate compared to those without.

The Role of Instagram Stories in Driving Traffic

In today’s digital age, Instagram Stories is more than just a feature of the Instagram app; it’s a crucial element of online marketing strategies. Stories offer a unique way to connect with an audience in a more personal and engaging manner. With the ability to add links to stories, creators, and businesses now have a direct way to drive traffic to their desired destinations.

One of the key aspects of using link stickers in stories is the ability to track how many viewers are clicking through. This metric is invaluable for understanding the effectiveness of your story using this feature. Whether it’s to drive traffic to your website, promote a YouTube channel, or simply to increase engagement on your Instagram post, the ability to add a direct link changes the game.

Moreover, Instagram’s algorithm tends to favor accounts that utilize its features comprehensively. By adding links to stories, you’re not only providing value to your followers but also boosting your content’s visibility on the platform. This strategic use of stories can lead to an increase in followers and, ultimately, a more substantial online presence.

Instagram stories links have also opened doors for cross-platform promotion. For instance, creators on TikTok can use stories to direct their Instagram followers to their TikTok content, creating a cohesive online presence across multiple platforms.

Stories have evolved into a powerful tool for driving traffic and enhancing online engagement. The introduction of link stickers has only amplified this, providing a straightforward yet effective way for businesses and creators to connect with their audience and drive traffic to their website or other online platforms.

As a small business owner, I’ve found Instagram’s link sticker feature to be a game-changer. Recently, I shared a story featuring our latest product line and included a link sticker directing followers to our online store. The result? A noticeable spike in website visits and a 20% increase in sales that day. It was incredible to see such immediate results from a simple story update.

How to Share a Link on an Instagram Story

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Link Sticker

Sharing a link to your IG story is a straightforward process, thanks to the introduction of the link sticker. This feature has democratized the ability to add links to stories, making it accessible to all accounts, regardless of the number of followers. Here’s how to leverage this feature:

  1. Create an Instagram Story: Begin by tapping the camera icon in the top left corner of your Instagram app or swiping right from your Instagram feed. Choose or capture the content you want to share.
  2. Tap on the Sticker Icon: After uploading or creating your content, tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. This will open a variety of sticker options.
  3. Select the Link Sticker: Scroll through the stickers and find the ‘link’ sticker. Tap on it to add it to your story.
  4. Enter Your URL: In the text field that appears after selecting the link sticker, enter the URL you wish to share. This can be a link to your website, blog post, YouTube channel, or any other online destination.
  5. Customize and Place Your Sticker: Once you’ve entered the URL, you can move and scale the sticker to fit your story’s aesthetics. You can also tap on it to change its color.
  6. Share Your Story: After placing the sticker, tap on ‘Your Story’ or ‘Close Friends’ to share. Your followers can now tap on the sticker to visit the linked page.

Sharing a link to your IG story is a straightforward process

Tips to Effectively Drive More Traffic

Simply adding a link sticker to your story isn’t enough to guarantee traffic. Here are some tips to effectively drive more traffic through your stories:

  • Use Engaging Visuals: Make sure your story is visually appealing. Use high-quality images or videos that grab attention and encourage viewers to explore your story further.
  • Add a Call to Action: Encourage your viewers to click the link by adding a compelling call to action. Phrases like “Swipe up to learn more” or “Tap here for details” can be effective.
  • Create Intrigue: Instead of giving away all the information in the story, create a sense of curiosity that encourages viewers to tap on the sticker to learn more.
  • Strategic Timing: Share your stories at a time when your followers are most active. This increases the likelihood of your story being seen and the link being clicked.
  • Cross-Promote on Other Platforms: Mention your Insta story on other platforms like TikTok or YouTube to drive your audience there.
  • Consistent Story Posting: Regularly post stories to keep your followers engaged and looking out for your content. This will increase the chances of them seeing and clicking on your story links.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively add a link to your story, making it a powerful tool to drive traffic to your desired destination, be it a website, blog, or YouTube channel. This feature not only enhances your Instagram profile but also helps in achieving your digital marketing goals.

A health and wellness coach used story links to drive traffic to a series of online workshops. By providing insightful snippets and teasers about the workshops in their stories, followed by a link sticker to the registration page, they saw a boost in sign-ups and engagement from their Instagram audience.

Creative Ways to Customize Your Instagram Story Links

Designing Engaging Link Stickers

Customization plays a crucial role in making your Instagram story stand out, especially when it comes to incorporating link stickers. Engaging designs can significantly increase the chances of your followers interacting with your links. Here’s how to make your stickers more appealing:

  1. Align with Your Brand Aesthetic: Ensure your link sticker complements your brand’s color scheme and style. Consistency in design helps reinforce brand recognition.
  2. Use Contrasting Colors: If your story’s background is light, use a dark-colored sticker, and vice versa. This contrast makes the sticker more noticeable and clickable.
  3. Incorporate Text or Arrows: Sometimes, adding a short text like ‘Tap Here’ or an arrow pointing to the sticker can guide viewers and prompt action.
  4. Animate Your Story: Use the native features of the Instagram app to add subtle animations or effects. Movement can attract the viewer’s eye to the sticker.
  5. Test Different Placements: Position your link sticker in various parts of the screen in different stories to see which placement gets the most engagement.

Leveraging URL Strategies for Maximum Reach

To maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram story links, thoughtful URL strategies are essential. Here’s how you can leverage URLs for maximum impact:

  1. Use Shortened URLs: Long URLs can be cumbersome and unattractive. Use URL shorteners to make them more manageable and track clicks.
  2. UTM Parameters for Tracking: To track the effectiveness of your Instagram traffic, use UTM parameters. This helps in understanding the audience behavior and optimizing future content.
  3. Custom Landing Pages: Direct users to a custom landing page tailored to your Instagram audience. This ensures a seamless experience from story to website.
  4. Multiple Link Tools: If you wish to share multiple links, use tools like Linktree or Taplink. These create a single link that leads to a page with multiple clickable options.
  5. Regularly Update Your Links: Keep your content fresh by regularly updating the links you share in your stories. This can pique the interest of repeat viewers.
  6. Preview the Destination Content: Occasionally, provide a sneak peek of the destination page in your story. This can stimulate curiosity and encourage clicks.

By creatively customizing your link stickers and strategically leveraging URL strategies, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your IG Stories. These techniques not only help in driving more traffic but also in creating a more engaging and cohesive brand experience for your followers.

According to a 2023 social media trends report, businesses that use link stickers in their stories experience a 25% increase in traffic to their websites.

Enhance the effectiveness of your IG Stories

Strategies to Increase Follower Interaction with Links

Encouraging Clicks with Compelling Transcripts and Visuals

Creating a captivating Instagram story involves more than just adding a link sticker; it’s about weaving a narrative that resonates with your audience. Start by envisioning your story as a short film, where each segment seamlessly leads to the next, culminating in the link sticker. This storytelling approach can spark curiosity and engagement. Incorporate eye-catching visuals and graphics to grab attention. Narratives play a crucial role too; whether it’s sharing a personal experience, a customer story, or an intriguing fact, a well-told story can naturally guide viewers towards clicking the link. Highlighting the benefits of clicking the link also encourages engagement – it’s about showing your followers the unique value they’ll gain, whether it’s exclusive content, a special offer, or in-depth information.

Incorporating interactive elements like polls or quizzes alongside the link sticker can further engage your audience. And if your story features video content, adding clear and concise transcripts ensures accessibility and can drive more clicks, as it helps viewers follow along and understand the context better.

Integrating Related Articles and Content for Enhanced Engagement

To deepen engagement with your stories, integrating related content and articles can be a game-changer. When crafting your story, consider tying in thematically related articles that provide additional depth and perspective on the subject at hand. This approach enriches the viewer’s experience and adds layers to your storytelling.

Consider unfolding your story in a series, with each part offering a snippet of the broader narrative. In between these snippets, strategically place links to relevant content that further unravels the story. This method not only maintains viewer interest but also gently nudges them toward your URLs.. Behind-the-scenes content or additional insights related to your story can be particularly compelling. Offering an exclusive peek into the unseen aspects of your narrative can motivate followers to explore your URLs.

Another effective strategy is to showcase user-generated content within your stories, linking back to similar content. This not only enhances engagement but also fosters a sense of community among your audience. It’s also beneficial to cross-promote content across platforms, like linking a related YouTube video or a complementary blog post, which not only diversifies your content but also strengthens your online presence.

Linking a related YouTube video or a complementary blog post

Analyzing the Impact: How Links in Stories Drive Traffic to Your Website

Measuring Success Through Traffic and Follower Growth

When you integrate link stickers into your Stories, it’s vital to analyze their impact on driving traffic and growing your follower base. The success of links in stories isn’t just measured by the immediate clicks they generate; it’s also about understanding the long-term benefits they bring to your Instagram account and website.

One key metric to track is the increase in website traffic directly attributed to Instagram Stories. This can be monitored through analytics tools that track referral sources. Pay close attention to spikes in traffic that correspond with your story postings. This data not only shows the effectiveness of your Instagram link but also helps in understanding what type of content resonates most with your audience.

Follower growth is another crucial metric. Successful stickers can lead to an increase in your Instagram followers, as users find value in your content and want to stay connected for future updates. Monitor your follower growth trends before and after implementing links in stories to gauge their impact.

Beyond quantitative metrics, qualitative feedback from your audience, like comments and direct messages, can also provide insights into how your links in stories are being received. Are people finding the linked content helpful? Is it driving the desired action? Such feedback is invaluable in refining your approach to story links.

As a fitness influencer, leveraging Insta stories with link stickers significantly boosted my engagement. I posted a series of workout tips and linked to my full video tutorials. Not only did my follower count grow by 15% in just a week, but the direct feedback and increased interaction in my DMs were overwhelming. It clearly showed that my followers appreciated the easy access to more in-depth content.


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Instagram Stories and the ability to add links have opened new avenues for creators and businesses to connect with their audience and drive traffic to their desired destinations. The introduction of the link sticker has simplified this process, making it more accessible and effective. From small businesses to large brands, influencers to everyday users, the impact of these link stickers in Insta Stories is undeniable.

As we have explored, the key to success lies in creatively integrating these URLs. into compelling stories, customizing the visuals, and strategically leveraging them to enhance engagement and follower interaction. By measuring the success through traffic analytics and follower growth, and learning from various case studies, one can optimize their use of Stories to not only share content but also to drive meaningful actions.

In conclusion, whether it’s to boost your website traffic, promote a product, share knowledge, or build a community, the strategic use of links in IG stories is an invaluable tool in the digital marketer’s toolkit. As Instagram continues to evolve, staying ahead of these trends and harnessing their potential will be crucial for anyone looking to make an impact in the digital world.

The introduction of the link sticker has simplified this process

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit or remove a link sticker once my Instagram story is live?

Yes, you can edit or remove a link sticker from your story even after it’s live. To do so, go to your live story, tap on the three-dot icon (More), and choose ‘Edit’ to make changes or ‘Delete’ to remove the sticker. Remember, once you edit or delete, you’ll need to repost the story.

How do I use the ‘link in bio’ effectively in conjunction with my Instagram stories?

The ‘link in bio’ is a valuable tool for Instagram users, especially when you’re unable to use a link sticker. Mention in your story that more information can be found via the ‘link in bio,’ and ensure that the link in your bio section leads to the relevant page on your website or blog. This directs traffic effectively from your stories to your desired webpage.

Are there any hacks to access link stickers for Instagram business profiles that don’t meet the traditional criteria?

Instagram has relaxed the criteria for using link stickers, making them accessible to most accounts, including business profiles. If you don’t see the option, ensure your app is updated. There’s no official ‘hack,’ but consistently engaging with your audience and using Instagram’s features can increase the likelihood of gaining access to new features.

What should I include in the ‘header’ of my new Instagram story to make the link more clickable?

In the header of your new IG story, include a compelling call to action or a brief, intriguing description of what viewers will find when they click the link. Phrases like ‘Tap to see more’ or ‘Exciting updates here’ can entice viewers to engage with your link.

How long do links in Instagram stories last, and what happens when they disappear?

Links in stories last as long as the story is live, which is 24 hours, unless you add the story to your Highlights. Once the story disappears, so does the link. If you want the link to remain accessible, consider adding the story to Highlights or directing followers to the ‘link in bio.’

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