A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send a Blank Message on Instagram: The Invisible Text Trick

By: Ellen Bartolino

Have you ever wanted to surprise your friends on Instagram with something unique, like sending a completely invisible message? The concept might seem intriguing, but how exactly do you send a blank message? This article delves into the fascinating world of invisible text and guides you through the methods to send blank messages on Instagram.

Instagram, a platform known for its visual content, also offers a robust chat feature through Instagram Direct. However, sending a blank message on Instagram isn’t as straightforward as typing nothing and hitting send. It requires a bit of creativity and the use of certain techniques or tools, such as copy and paste, text generators, or even third-party apps.

Whether you want to send a playful, blank message or just leave an empty text in a conversation for fun, this guide will cover two methods to achieve this. We’ll explore the use of Unicode characters, the role of different apps, and how to copy-paste these unseen characters. So, let’s dive into these methods and discover how to make your Instagram conversations a bit more mysterious!

How to send a blank message on instagram

Method 1: Using Unicode for Invisible Characters

When it comes to sending a blank message on Instagram, one of the most straightforward methods is using Unicode characters. Unicode provides a range of hidden characters that can be used to create blank text. This method is not only simple but also does not require any download or installation of third-party apps.

I experimented with sending empty messages on Instagram to create suspense in my announcements. The responses were always filled with curiosity and excitement, making the reveal even more impactful.

Exploring Unicode and Its Use in Blank Texts

Unicode is a universal character encoding standard that represents and handles text in most of the world’s writing systems. Among its vast array of characters, there are several invisible characters. These characters, although not visible to the eye, are recognized by most social media websites, including Instagram.

Step-by-Step Guide to Copy and Paste the Blank Unicode

  1. Select the Invisible Unicode Character: The first step is to find a suitable Unicode character. You can easily find these on various websites dedicated to Unicode characters.
  2. Copy the Character: Once you have found the hidden character, select and copy it to your clipboard. This is usually done by right-clicking the character and selecting the copy option.
  3. Paste in Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Navigate to the chat where you want to send the blank message. Tap on the message box, and then paste the copied character.
  4. Send the Blank Message: After pasting, it may look like there’s nothing in the message box, but the secret character is there. Now, simply tap the send button. Your recipient will see what appears to be a completely blank message.

This method is not just limited to Instagram. You can use the same technique on other social media sites like WhatsApp or Facebook, making it a versatile trick.

Method 2: Utilizing Text Generators for Blank Messages

A convenient and user-friendly option to send blank text on Instagram involves utilizing online text generators. These tools are adept at creating invisible characters that can seamlessly disappear in your Instagram chats, allowing you to send a message that’s visually empty but still present in code.

How Text Generators Work for Invisible Messaging

Text generators are accessible through your web browser and are the easiest method for generating hidden text. They operate by producing a sequence of characters that, although not visible, are still recognized by social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The generated blank text copy paste output looks empty, but it plays a clever trick on the platform’s text handling system.

Navigating Adblock Detection When Using Online Generators

A common hurdle when using these generators is encountering adblock-detected messages. Many of these generator websites sustain themselves through ad revenue, and an active adblocker may disrupt their functionality. To overcome this, you might either need to temporarily disable your ad blocker or find a generator that bypasses such detection. This step ensures that you can use to send a blank message whenever you wish, enhancing your Instagram experience.

Using a text generator is the best method for those who want to send blank messages without the hassle of understanding complex code. It’s a straightforward solution for anyone looking to add a bit of intrigue or fun to their social media accounts, especially when you want to comment uniquely or surprise your friends by sending something unexpected.

Using a text generator is the best method for those who want to send blank messages

Advanced Techniques: Installing Apps for Invisible Text

For those who frequently send blank messages or wish to explore more advanced options, there are various apps available that can make this process even more streamlined. These apps are specifically designed to allow you to send invisible text and offer additional features that might not be available through basic methods.

Overview of Apps That Allow Sending Blank Messages

There are several third-party apps available on websites like Google Play Store and App Store that can generate invisible text. These apps often provide a user-friendly interface, making the process of creating and sending hidden messages simpler and more efficient.

Instructions for Install and Use of Specific Instagram Apps

  1. Choose and Download an App: First, select a third-party app that suits your needs. Ensure that the app is reliable and has good reviews.
  2. Install the App: Once you’ve chosen an app, download and install it on your mobile device. Follow the installation prompts to ensure it’s set up correctly.
  3. Generate Invisible Text: Open the app and find the feature that allows you to generate invisible text. This might be labeled differently depending on the app you choose.
  4. Copy and Paste the Text: After generating the text, copy it. Then, open the Instagram app, navigate to the chat where you want to send the blank, tap on the message box, and paste the text.
  5. Send Your Message: With the hidden text pasted, hit the send button. The recipient will receive what appears to be an empty message.

Practical Applications and Tips for Sending Blank Messages on Instagram

Sending a blank message on Instagram can be more than just a novelty. It can serve various purposes, from playful communication to creative expression. Here are some practical applications and tips for using this unique messaging feature effectively and responsibly.

Sending a blank message on Instagram can be more than just a novelty.

Creative Uses of Blank Text in Instagram Direct

  • Surprising Friends: Send a blank message to grab the attention of your friends. It can be a fun way to start a conversation or to surprise them.
  • Stylish Texting: Use blank messages as a way to create stylish pauses or breaks in your messages, giving them a unique look.
  • Artistic Expression: Combine blank messages with other characters to create artistic patterns or shapes in your chat.

Safety and Etiquette When Sending Invisible Messages

  • Consent and Comfort: Ensure that the person you’re messaging is comfortable with receiving hidden messages. It’s important to maintain mutual respect and understanding in any form of communication.
  • Avoid Misuse: While it’s fun to send blank messages, avoid using them in a way that could be misleading or cause unnecessary concern.
  • Know the Platform Rules: Be aware of Instagram’s terms of service. While sending blank messages is not illegal, it’s crucial to use the feature within the bounds of their rules.

Using invisible text on Instagram is a creative and unique way to communicate, but it’s essential to use this feature thoughtfully. Whether for playful reasons or artistic expression, sending empty messages can add an element of surprise and fun to your Instagram interactions.

Using these texts, I once organized a surprise virtual event for a friend. The guests received blank messages with hidden details, adding an element of mystery and fun to the invitation process.


Navigating the dynamic realm of social media, particularly when using Instagram, presents unique opportunities for innovative communication. This guide, detailing the process of how to send a blank space message on Instagram, aims to enrich your digital interactions. Whether employing Unicode, leveraging online text generators, or utilizing an app to send a blank message, these techniques are a testament to the creative potential within Instagram’s framework.

It’s crucial to remember, especially when you see the blank message come to life, that the enjoyment of sending hidden messages comes with a responsibility. These messaging methods should be used thoughtfully, always considering the recipient’s perspective. Instagram doesn’t endorse misuse; hence, we encourage using these methods within the ethical boundaries and terms of service of the platform.

We hope this article, with each dot and character in the message, elevates your Instagram experience, adding a playful yet respectful dimension to your communications. The best part about learning these techniques is the ability to surprise and engage your contacts in ways they might not expect. So, whenever you want to send that unseen message, remember the pointers from our guide and enjoy the process of sending these hidden gems for educational purposes or just for fun. Here’s to more enjoyable and inventive messaging on Instagram!

Whenever you want to send that unseen message, remember the pointers from our guide and enjoy the process of sending these hidden gems for educational purposes or just for fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same method to send blank messages on other social media platforms like Facebook?

Yes, the methods to send blank messages on Instagram can often be applied to other social media platforms, including Facebook. The use of Unicode characters and third-party apps is not exclusive to Instagram and can be utilized wherever text input is allowed.

Is it possible to send a blank comment on Instagram posts?

Sending a blank comment on Instagram posts is not typically possible using the standard typing method, as Instagram requires visible characters for comments. However, you could potentially use invisible Unicode characters or third-party apps to achieve this.

What are some creative ways to use blank messages on Instagram?

Blank messages can be used for playful surprises, artistic expression in chat, or to add a dramatic pause in a conversation. They can also be combined with stickers or emojis to create unique messaging experiences.

Are there any risks associated with using third-party apps to send blank messages?

While many third-party apps are safe, it’s essential to be cautious as some might pose privacy risks or violate Instagram’s terms of service. Always read reviews and understand the app’s permissions before downloading.

How do I ensure I’m not overusing the blank message feature on Instagram?

To avoid overuse, use blank messages sparingly and considerately. They should be used to add fun or creativity to your conversations, not to confuse or annoy your contacts.

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