How to Remix Instagram Reels Like a Pro: Expert Tips for Remixing Videos

By: Ellen Bartolino

In the ever-evolving world of social media, the ability to remix a reel has emerged as a game-changer, particularly on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. For the uninitiated, remixing a reel on Instagram involves taking an existing reel and adding your own twist to it, whether it’s through additional video clips, audio, or creative editing. This feature, akin to TikTok’s duet feature, has opened up new avenues for collaboration and creativity among Instagram users.

The remix reels feature is particularly enticing for creators looking to engage with their audience in a more interactive way. It allows users to not only react to the content but also to add their own perspective, be it through comedic reactions, dance collaborations, or simply by offering a different viewpoint. For brands and small businesses, this is an opportunity to boost sales, expose their brand to a wider audience, and integrate a fresh marketing strategy into their Instagram video content.

But how exactly do you make a remix? And what should you know about enabling and disabling the remix feature on Instagram? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to use the remix feature, from understanding the basics to collaborating with other creators. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user or new to the platform, learning how to enable remix reels on Instagram and collaborate effectively can drastically enhance your account’s organic reach.

Stay tuned as we dive into the world of Instagram’s remix feature, offering a step-by-step guide to help you start remixing and perhaps even go viral with your creative content.

How to remix reels on instagram

Understanding the Remix Feature on Instagram

What is a Remix Reel?

Remix reels on Instagram represent a fusion of creativity and collaboration, allowing users to engage with and reinterpret original content. Essentially, when you remix a reel, you take an existing Instagram reel and add your own video content to it. This process is akin to having a conversation through video, where the original reel serves as a starting point, and your addition gives it a new dimension or perspective. Whether it’s adding a funny reaction, a dance move, or an artistic twist, remixing a reel creates a unique, collaborative piece of content that can captivate both your audience and the audience of the original creator.

The Evolution of Instagram Reels Remix Feature

Initially, Instagram’s focus was primarily on photo sharing, but with the advent of platforms like TikTok, the demand for more interactive and engaging video content grew. Recognizing this, Instagram introduced the reels duet or remix feature, inspired by TikTok’s duet feature. Over time, this feature has evolved, enabling creators and brands to interact more directly with their audience and other users. The remix feature has transformed from a simple video response tool to a sophisticated means of collaboration and engagement, allowing users to use music, edit their content seamlessly, and even upload a video from their camera roll to enhance the original video. This evolution signifies Instagram’s shift towards a more versatile, interactive platform, catering to the dynamic needs of today’s social media users and small businesses seeking novel marketing strategies.

As a small business owner, I’ve found Instagram Reels to be a game-changer. One of my reels showcasing our new product line gained over 10,000 views in just 24 hours, significantly boosting our brand visibility.

How to Enable and Use the Remix Feature

Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Remix on Instagram

Enabling the remix feature on Instagram is a straightforward process, but it’s a crucial first step to joining the remix community. To start, navigate to the reel you want to enable for remixing. Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and select “Enable Remixing.” This action makes your reel available for others to remix. It’s essential to note that you can only enable remixing for reels that you’ve created; you cannot enable it for reels made by others unless the original creator has enabled remix access.

Creating Your First Remix Reel

Once you’ve enabled the remix option, creating your first remix reel is an exciting journey of creativity. To remix a reel created by another user, find a reel that inspires you or complements your content. Then, tap the three dots and select “Remix this Reel.” From here, you can start recording your response or reaction. You can edit the video, add audio, and even adjust the layout to ensure your content aligns seamlessly with the original reel. When you’re satisfied with your creation, just go ahead and post it. Remember, remixing is not just about the content; it’s about creating a connection with the original creator and their audience, potentially leading to a wider audience reach and enhanced engagement.

As an influencer, incorporating Instagram Reels into my strategy increased my engagement rates by 40%. It was a fantastic way to connect with my audience more creatively and authentically.

Creative Strategies for Remixing Instagram Reels

Tips for Remixing Videos Like a Pro

To truly stand out with your remix reels, it’s important to adopt some creative strategies. First, consider the audio – a catchy tune or an engaging voiceover can make a significant difference. Next, think about the visuals. Use the edit features on Instagram to add filters, text, or special effects that complement the original video. Remember, the goal is to enhance, not overshadow the original content.

Another pro tip is to stay updated with trending topics or challenges on Instagram. Incorporating these into your remix can increase the chances of your reel gaining traction. Most importantly, be authentic and let your personality shine through. The uniqueness of your content is what will make your remix a reel memorable and share-worthy.

To truly stand out with your remix reels, it's important to adopt some creative strategies

Innovative Ways to Utilize the Remix Feature for Engagement

The remix feature can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement on your profile. For instance, you can use it to create reaction videos, where you respond to comments or popular trends. This not only shows that you’re engaged with your audience but also adds a personal touch to your content.

Businesses and brands can leverage the remix feature for marketing strategies. Imagine remixing a reel of a satisfied customer using your product or service – it’s a great way to showcase real-life applications and testimonials. Furthermore, using the remix feature to collaborate with other creators or influencers in your niche can help you tap into new audiences and boost sales.

In the context of small businesses, think of remixing as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at your operations, a showcase of your products, or a fun interaction with customers, remixing can help humanize your brand and build a stronger connection with your audience.

A 2023 study revealed that Instagram Reels have an average video view rate of 2.54%, outshining regular Instagram videos. This indicates their growing popularity and engagement potential on the platform.

Leveraging Instagram Reels for Small Businesses

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Remixing Reels

For small businesses, Instagram’s remix reels feature offers a unique and dynamic way to engage with customers and promote their brand. By remixing popular reels, businesses can tap into existing trends and audiences, providing a relatable and entertaining way to showcase their products or services. It’s a form of video marketing that feels organic and can lead to higher engagement and brand exposure.

Engaging in the remix culture on Instagram also allows businesses to collaborate with creators and influencers, extending their reach to a broader audience. These collaborations, whether they are comedic, informative, or simply entertaining, can bring a human touch to the brand and help build a loyal community around it.

Examples of Successful Instagram Reel Remixes in Business

Many businesses have successfully used Instagram reels remixes to boost their visibility and customer engagement. For example, a fashion brand could remix a reel of a popular influencer wearing their clothing, adding their own commentary or showcasing similar products. A food business could remix customer reviews or recipe videos, adding their own twists or additional information about their offerings.

The key to successful remixing for businesses lies in choosing the right content to remix and adding value to the original reel. This could be through humor, additional information, or a unique brand perspective. The aim is to enhance the viewer’s experience and encourage them to engage with the brand.

Many businesses have successfully used Instagram reels remixes to boost their visibility and customer engagement

Managing Your Remix Options

How to Disable the Remix Feature

While the remix feature can be a powerful tool for engagement, there might be times when you prefer not to have your content remixed. Instagram offers the flexibility to disable this feature. To do so, go to the reel you want to restrict from remixing, tap the three dots, and select “Disable Remixing.” This ensures that your content remains as you intended, without additional edits or collaborations.

It’s important to remember that disabling remixing is reversible. If you change your mind, you can always re-enable it by following the same steps. This flexibility allows you to control how your content is used and shared on the platform.

Best Practices for Controlling Your Content on Instagram

Mastering content control on Instagram, especially when utilizing features like remix, is an art that balances creativity with strategy. First, consider your audience’s preferences and your content’s setting. If your followers love engaging and participatory content, then using the remix feature could be a strategic move. However, for more informative or personal posts, it might be wise to keep them remix-free.

When you make a remix, it’s crucial to maintain a theme or style consistent with your brand’s voice or your personal aesthetic. This consistency is key in crafting a narrative that resonates with your followers and strengthens your online identity. Think of each post as a chapter in your Instagram story – every remix should contribute to this ongoing narrative.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to explore the full potential of the remix feature. For example, incorporating a video from your camera roll into a remix can add a personal touch that distinguishes your content. This approach can be a great way to collaborate with other creators while ensuring your contribution is authentic and original.

Lastly, it’s vital to monitor how your remixed content performs. Instagram’s analytics provide valuable insights, allowing you to see how these posts fare against your regular content. Pay attention to these metrics; they can guide you in refining your approach and deciding when and how to use the remix feature. Remember, with millions of potential collaborations at your fingertips, each choice should align with what you’d want to post and how it supports your overall social media objectives.


The remix feature on Instagram has opened up a world of possibilities for creators, brands, and small businesses. It allows for a unique form of expression and collaboration, enabling users to engage with their audience in innovative and interactive ways. Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, expose your brand to new audiences, or simply explore your creativity, remixing reels provides an exciting platform to do so.

The remix feature on Instagram has opened up a world of possibilities for creators, brands, and small businesses.

However, as with any tool, it’s important to use the remix feature wisely. Understanding when to enable or disable remixing, and maintaining control over your content, ensures that your engagement with this feature aligns with your overall digital strategy. The beauty of Instagram reels lies in their flexibility and the endless creative possibilities they offer.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve and embracing new features like Instagram’s remix reels can significantly enhance your online presence. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user, a budding influencer, or a small business owner, leveraging this feature can lead to new growth opportunities and a more vibrant, engaged community. So, go ahead and post your first remix reel – the world of Instagram awaits your unique contribution!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the ‘Remix’ feature on a specific Instagram reel?

To use the ‘Remix’ feature on an Instagram reel, first ensure the original creator has enabled remixing. Then, find the reel you want to remix, tap the icon next to the original reel (usually in the bottom left corner), and select ‘Remix this Reel’. This option will only appear if the creator has allowed remixing.

Can I use videos from my camera roll for remixing Instagram reels?

Absolutely! When remixing a reel, you have the option to add content directly from your camera roll. This allows you to combine pre-recorded videos with the original reel, giving you more creative freedom and flexibility in your remixes.

Is there a way to customize the transition between the original reel and my remix?

Yes, Instagram provides editing tools that allow you to customize transitions. After choosing to remix a reel, you can use the editing interface to adjust and toggle transitions, ensuring a smooth and creative blend between the original content and your addition.

What should I consider when choosing a cover photo for my remixed reel?

Your cover photo is crucial as it’s the first thing viewers see. Choose an image that represents both the original content and your addition, and consider using text or graphics to make it more engaging. The goal is to entice viewers to watch the entire remix.

Can remixing reels on Instagram be part of a successful affiliate marketing strategy?

Yes, remixing reels can be a powerful tool in affiliate marketing. By remixing popular reels related to your niche and adding your unique twist, you can insert affiliate links in your post’s description. This method can push engagement and drive traffic to your affiliate products or services, potentially boosting sales.

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