How to Post on Instagram from iPad: Instagram App Guide for iPad Users

By: Ellen Bartolino

Ever found yourself tapping your iPad’s home screen, wishing to upload photos and videos to Instagram, only to remember there’s no official Instagram app for iPad? You’re not alone. This is a common hiccup for many iPad users who want to post on Instagram. But don’t fret, there’s a silver lining. With a simple workaround, you can navigate this issue and make your life a whole lot easier.

This guide will show you how to post on Instagram from iPad, a popular mobile device in the iOS family, to access Instagram using a feature that allows you to post photos and videos. Whether you’re using Safari or Google Chrome, you’ll be able to post on Instagram from your iPad without any hiccups. So, are you ready to tap, snap, and share new content on one of the top-performing social media platforms? Let’s dive in!

How to Post on Instagram from iPad

Downloading and Installing the Instagram iPhone App to Your iPad

The first step to posting on Instagram from your iPad is to download the Instagram iPhone app. Yes, you heard it right, the iPhone app!

Searching for Instagram in the App Store

Head over to the App Store on your iPad. Now, you might be wondering, “Why the App Store? I thought we were talking about Instagram.” Well, the App Store is where you can download the Instagram app. Just type “Instagram” into the search bar and look for the familiar camera icon.

Downloading and Installing the Instagram App

Once you find the Instagram app, click on “Get” to download it. After the app is downloaded, it will automatically install on your iPad. Now, you’re one step closer to posting on Instagram from your iPad.

Now, let’s move on to creating an Instagram account. Don’t worry if you already have one, you can skip this step. But if you’re new to Instagram, this will be a helpful guide.

Remember, the goal here is to make your Instagram experience as seamless as possible. So, let’s get started!

As a digital artist, I often use my iPad to create content for Instagram. The larger screen allows me to add more detail to my work, and the Apple Pencil makes the drawing process feel more natural. Once I’m done with a piece, I can easily share it to Instagram directly from the Photos app.

Creating an Instagram Account

Before you can start posting on Instagram from your iPad, you’ll need to create an Instagram account.

Steps to Create an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account is a breeze. Open the Instagram app that you just installed. Tap on ‘Sign Up’ and fill in the necessary details. You can sign up with your email or phone number, or use your Facebook account for a quicker process. Once you’ve filled in your details, tap on ‘Next’ to complete the sign-up process. Congratulations, you now have an Instagram account!

How to Post to Instagram From Your iPad

Now that you have an Instagram account, it’s time to learn how to post on Instagram from your iPad.

Opening Instagram and Signing In

Open the Instagram app on your iPad. If you’re not already signed in, enter your username and password to log in. If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t worry! Instagram has a ‘Forgot Password’ feature that can help you reset it.

Navigating to the Photos App

Once you’re logged in, it’s time to post a photo. But first, you’ll need to select a photo to post. Open the Photos app and select the photo you want to share on Instagram.

Sharing a Photo to Instagram

After selecting a photo, tap on the ‘Share’ button and select ‘Instagram’ from the list of options. This will open the photo in the Instagram app, ready to be posted.

Writing a Caption and Sharing the Post

Before you share your post, you’ll want to add a caption. This is where you can share a bit about the photo, add some humor, or use hashtags to make your post more discoverable. Once you’ve written your caption, tap ‘Share’ to post your photo on Instagram.

I run a small online store, and Instagram is one of my main channels for promoting my products. I take product photos with my iPad, edit them using various apps, and then post them on Instagram. The process is quite straightforward, and the high-quality camera ensures that my products look their best.

63% of Instagram users log in at least once daily and spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform.

Enhancing Photos from Other Applications

Instagram isn’t just for sharing photos, it’s also a powerful tool for enhancing them.

Enhancing photos from other applications

Enhancing Photos from Other Applications Using Instagram Filters

Instagram offers a variety of filters that can transform your photos in just a few taps. To use these filters, open the photo in the Instagram app and tap the filter icon. You’ll see a list of filters at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a filter to apply it to your photo. You can also adjust the filter’s intensity by sliding the bar at the bottom of the screen. If you’re looking for more advanced photo editing tools, apps like Lightroom offer a wide range of options.

Sharing Photos on Other Platforms

Instagram makes sharing your photos on other platforms easy, expanding your reach and engagement.

Sharing Photos on Facebook

To share a photo on Facebook, first post it on Instagram. Then, tap on the three dots at the top right of the post and select ‘Share to Facebook’. If you haven’t done so, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. Once your accounts are linked, your Instagram posts can be easily shared to your Facebook feed.

How to Browse Instagram on Your iPad

While the Instagram app is great for posting photos, you might prefer to browse Instagram on a larger screen. Here’s how you can do that on your iPad.

Using a Web Browser to Access Instagram

You can access Instagram from any web browser on your iPad. Simply open Safari (or your preferred browser), go to, and log in with your Instagram account. You’ll see your feed, explore posts, and even check your notifications from your browser.

Logging in and Browsing Posts

Once you’re logged in, you can browse posts just like you would in the app. You can scroll through your feed, like posts, and leave comments. You can also visit other users’ profiles and view their posts.

Limitations of the Browser Interface

While browsing Instagram on a browser offers a larger view, it does have some limitations. For instance, you can’t post photos or stories from the browser. For that, you’ll need to use the Instagram app. Also, some features like filters and advanced editing tools are only available in the app.

The 2023 Instagram Trend Report provides a data-driven guide to cultural and social trends as defined by Gen Z. The report covers topics like fashion, beauty, web3, dating, and more. It was produced in partnership with WGSN and involved a survey of 1,200 Gen Z social media users.

How to Add to Your Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are a great way to share moments from your day, and they’re just as easy to post from your iPad as they are from your phone.

Adding an Item to Your Instagram Story

To add to your Instagram Story, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner. This will open the Story camera. From here, you can take a new photo or video, or select one from your camera roll. Once you’ve chosen your content, you can add text, stickers, and filters. When you’re happy with your Story, tap ‘Add to Your Story’ to share it. Remember, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can save them to your profile as Highlights if you want them to stick around.

Designing a Social Media Post

Creating visually appealing social media posts can help attract more followers and engagement. Here’s how you can design a post for your Instagram feed.

Designing a Social Media Post

Creating a Minimalistic Social Media Post for a Plant Store

Let’s say you’re running a plant store and want to create a minimalistic social media post to promote a new product. You can use a design tool like Adobe Spark to create a custom template. Start by choosing a blank canvas, then add a high-quality photo of your product. Keep the design simple and clean to let the product shine. Add a brief, catchy caption and your store’s logo, and your post is ready to go!

Benefits of Using Procreate for Designing Social Media Posts

If you’re looking to take your social media design to the next level, consider using Procreate. This powerful design app for iPad offers a wide range of tools for creating stunning visuals. You can use different fonts, brushes, and effects to create unique designs that stand out. Plus, with the Apple Pencil, designing on Procreate feels just like drawing on paper. It’s a game-changer for social media marketers and designers alike.

Third-Party iPad Apps for Instagram

While Instagram doesn’t have an official iPad app, several third-party apps can enhance your Instagram experience on the iPad.

Overview of Third-Party Options

Several third-party apps for Instagram offer a variety of features. Some apps, like Flume and Uplet, allow you to upload photos directly from your Mac or PC. Other apps, like Hootsuite and Buffer, let you schedule posts in advance. And apps like Canva and Adobe Spark make creating stunning visuals for your posts easy. It’s worth exploring these options to see which suits your needs best.


And there you have it! You’ve now mastered the art of posting on Instagram from your iPad. Whether you’re using the Instagram mobile app or accessing the Instagram website from your computer or mobile device, you can easily post photos and videos.

Remember, while Instagram is still primarily a mobile platform, it’s possible to post on Instagram from a computer or an iPad. This built-in feature allows you to share photos and videos, giving you the full-screen experience you’ve been craving.

Whether you’re using the app’s camera to take a photo or uploading a video from your device, you can now do it all from the corner of your screen. With a few clicks or taps, you can enhance your posts using popular apps like VSCO and Snapseed, adjust your post’s aspect ratio, and even add it to your profile grid.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user or a newbie, we hope this guide has been helpful. Remember, the best Instagram experience is one that allows you to share your life, connect with your social network, and express yourself creatively. So go ahead, tap that app, and start posting!

For more tips and tricks on using popular social media platforms, don’t forget to check out our related articles. Happy posting!

Recap of the Workaround and Its Limitations

While it’s not ideal, the workaround of using the Instagram iPhone app on your iPad does allow you to post on Instagram. However, it’s important to remember that this method has its limitations. For example, the app won’t display in full screen, and some features might not work as smoothly as they do on the iPhone. But until Instagram releases an official iPad app, this workaround is still a viable option.

Posting on Instagram from your iPad


You might still have some questions about using Instagram on your iPad. Here are some common questions and their answers.

How do I post on Instagram from my iPad without downloading the app?

Unfortunately, you cannot post on Instagram without downloading the app. You need to download the Instagram app to your mobile device to post on Instagram.

Can I use Safari to post on Instagram from my iPad?

No, you cannot use Safari to post on Instagram from your iPad. You must use the Instagram app to upload photos and videos to your Instagram account.

Can I post videos on Instagram from my iPad?

Yes, you can post videos on Instagram from your iPad using the Instagram app. The process of posting videos is the same as posting photos.

How do I post on Instagram from my iPad if I do not have the app?

If you wish to post on Instagram from your iPad but do not have the app, you can access the Instagram website using Safari. However, the website does not have the built-in feature that allows you to post photos and videos to your Instagram account.

Can I post on Instagram from my iPad using the desktop website?

No, you cannot post on Instagram from your iPad using the desktop website. You need to use the Instagram app to upload photos and videos to your Instagram account.

Is there a best Instagram app for iPad?

The official Instagram app is the best app for posting on Instagram from your iPad. Other third-party apps claim to offer Instagram posting functionality, but they are often unreliable and not recommended.

How do I access advanced settings when posting on Instagram from my iPad?

To access advanced settings when posting on Instagram from your iPad, simply tap the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom right corner of the screen when you are in the post editing screen. You can adjust settings such as alt text, location, and more from there.

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