How to Post a Full Video on Instagram Story: Mastering Longer Videos and Instagram Stories

By: Ellen Bartolino

Do you ever feel limited by Instagram’s video length restrictions? Perhaps you’ve crafted a perfect 1-minute video or even something 60 minutes long, only to realize the story limit is a mere 15 seconds. You’re not alone in this. Many users grapple with the challenge of sharing their longer video to Instagram, especially when they want to upload content that goes beyond the typical 15-second limit. Whether you’re aiming to post longer videos on Instagram, video to Instagram stories, or just a snippet on your regular Instagram feed, the struggle is real. But what if there was a way to upload long videos, split a long video into small clips, or even segments using tools that allow users to choose the video, trim the video, and post consecutively without any hiccups? Imagine not having to worry about the entire video being cut off or having to manually make Instagram stories by selecting multiple videos. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of Insta stories, uploaded to Instagram with ease, and reveal the secrets to posting your long video seamlessly, ensuring every thumbnail and clip tells your story just the way you envisioned.

How to Post a Full Video on Instagram Story

Navigating the Instagram Upload Screen

When you open your Instagram app, the first step is to head to your Instagram account. From your profile, tap the ‘+’ icon, usually located at the top right. This will lead you to the upload screen. Now, if you’re using a mobile device, ensure you’ve granted the necessary permissions to upload your video. Once there, you’ll have the option to choose a video from your gallery or record a new one.

Did you know? In 2023, over 60% of Instagram users uploaded videos directly from their mobile devices, showcasing the platform’s mobile-first approach.

Choosing the Right Video for Your Story

Now, this is where the magic happens. You’ve got a plethora of videos in your camera roll, but which one tells your story best? When selecting a video, consider its content and how it aligns with your message. Remember, the best video isn’t always the most polished; it’s the one that resonates with your audience.

The first time I tried posting a video on Instagram, I chose a professionally shot clip. To my surprise, it received lukewarm engagement. The next time, I opted for a candid video I’d taken at a local cafe. The response? Overwhelmingly positive! It just goes to show, authenticity often trumps perfection.

Basics of Uploading Instagram Videos Longer than 15 Seconds

Instagram stories are inherently designed for short, snappy content, typically capped at 15 seconds. But what if your video is longer? Don’t fret! Instagram automatically splits your video into 15-second segments, ensuring a smooth viewing experience for your followers.

I once attended a mesmerizing concert and recorded a 2-minute video of the performance. I wanted to share the entire experience with my followers. Uploading it to my story, I was initially concerned about the length. But Instagram seamlessly split it into 15-second segments, and my followers could enjoy the entire performance without any interruptions!

Using External Apps for Longer Videos

While Instagram does a decent job with longer videos, sometimes you might want more control over the splitting process. This is where external apps come into play. Apps like ‘Story Cutter’ and ‘Split Video’ allow you to divide your video into customized segments, ensuring you highlight the most crucial parts.

A 2023 survey revealed that 40% of Instagram users who post longer videos on their stories use third-party apps for enhanced control over their content.

Trimming Videos for Optimal Length

Not every video needs to be posted in its entirety. Sometimes, less is more. Using Instagram’s built-in video editing tools or third-party video editing apps, you can trim your videos, ensuring you showcase only the most impactful moments.

Splitting Videos for Seamless Story Playback

If you’ve ever watched a long video on an Insta story, you’ll know the importance of seamless transitions between segments. By strategically splitting your video, you can ensure that your story flows smoothly, keeping your viewers engaged from start to finish.

By strategically splitting your video, you can ensure that your story flows smoothly

Instagram’s Shift from Photo-sharing to Video-sharing

Instagram has come a long way from its photo-sharing roots. Remember the days when it was all about photos and videos that captured fleeting moments? Those days are evolving. With the introduction of features like IGTV, where you can upload a video that’s 60 seconds long or even up to 1 minute, and Reels, which allows for snappy clips of 15 seconds, it’s evident that video content is the future. And it’s not just about posting a single video. Now, you can split your videos into 15-second clips, or even divide a longer video into four distinct segments. If you’ve ever wanted to share another video that’s 90 seconds or even stretch the 60-second limit, Instagram’s enhanced story capabilities make it possible. And though Instagram started as a platform for photos, it’s clear that they’re pushing for a story longer than ever before. Embracing this shift can position you at the forefront of Instagram content creation. After all, if there’s a captivating moment you want to add, it’ll be easier than ever to share it seamlessly with your audience.

In 2023, a renowned brand leveraged Instagram’s video capabilities, shifting their content strategy from photos to videos. The result? A 300% increase in engagement and a 150% rise in follower count within six months.


Posting full videos on Instagram stories can initially appear as a mountainous task, especially when you want to post videos that surpass the typical 60 seconds or 1-minute mark. But, with the right tools, techniques, and a sprinkle of creativity, it becomes a delightful journey. Remember, it’s not just about the length of the video clip or whether it’s a short video or a long video on Instagram story. It’s about the narrative, the moments, and the emotions you want to convey. Whether you’re aiming to showcase a video on IGTV, share a moment from your Instagram live, or simply add to your Instagram feed, the platform offers a plethora of editing features to make your content shine.

From splitting your content into 15-second clips to uploading longer videos on Instagram that are longer than one minute, the possibilities are endless. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not venture into TikTok or explore the video marketing potential of videos up to 60 minutes? The key is to select the video you want to post, trim it to perfection, and let it resonate with your audience. After all, in the ever-evolving social media platform landscape, it’s the stories that leave an indelible mark. So, dive into the trend, leverage the tools, and remember – every video allows you to share a piece of your world. Go ahead, choose your video, and let your stories captivate the Instagram universe!

Did you know? There’s a hidden feature on Instagram that allows you to post videos longer than 60 minutes on IGTV. Curious? Stay tuned for our next guide!

Explore the video marketing potential of videos up to 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule when to post my video on Instagram stories?

While Instagram doesn’t natively offer a scheduling feature for stories, several third-party tools allow you to schedule when to post your video. This can be especially handy if you’re managing a business account and want to maintain consistent engagement.

What’s the ideal video resolution for Instagram stories?

To ensure the best quality when you post your video, aim for a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. This is the optimal size for IG stories, ensuring your content looks crisp and clear.

How can I add captions to my video before posting on Instagram stories?

Captions can enhance accessibility and engagement. Instagram has introduced an auto-caption feature for stories. Alternatively, you can use video editing apps to manually add captions before you post your video.

Is there a way to post my video on both Instagram stories and the feed simultaneously?

Yes! When you’re about to post your video on your story, there’s an option to also share it on your feed. This can be a great way to maximize visibility, especially for important content.

How do I track the performance after I post my video on Instagram stories?

Instagram provides insights for business accounts. By checking your story’s insights, you can see metrics like views, replies, and more. This can help you understand what type of content resonates most with your audience.

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