How to Get, View, See, and Post Memories on Instagram: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide to Finding Instagram Memories

By: Ellen Bartolino

Ever felt nostalgic scrolling through your Instagram feed and wondered how to see memories on Instagram? Trust us, you’re far from alone. Instagram’s Memories feature has become a cornerstone of nostalgic engagement and interaction on one of the most popular social media platforms. In 2023, this feature is more significant than ever, allowing users to revisit past experiences and even re-share their past stories. Whether you’re looking to post memories, dig up old Instagram posts, or simply enjoy old memories, this guide is your go-to resource. We’ll even show you how to find that memory story or old photo you’ve been longing to see again. So grab your phone, open your Instagram app, and let’s dive into the archive feature. We’re about to take a trip down memory lane, right from the corner of the screen on your profile page. Stick around, and we’ll unravel the mystery of Instagram Memories for you, one story prompt at a time.

How to Get Memories on Instagram

How to Access Instagram Memories

Steps to find the ‘On This Day’ feature on Instagram

First things first, let’s delve into the “On This Day” feature, an Instagram feature that’s gained quite a bit of traction over the past years. This feature allows you to see Instagram memories and even post a memory that resonates with you. You’ll usually receive a notification for this within the app, nudging you to take a trip down memory lane. But what if you’re too engrossed in scrolling through your feed and you miss it? Or perhaps you’re visiting their personal archives and didn’t catch the notification? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered.

The “On This Day” feature is also accessible through the “archive” section of your profile, allowing users to re-share those cherished memories. If you’re someone who’s shared around a lot of content over the years, this is a great way to revisit those moments. It’s Instagram’s nod towards acknowledged personal sharing, similar in spirit to Facebook’s memory features. So even if you miss the initial prompt, you can still access these memories if available and share them anew.

Finding memories in the Archive on Instagram

Now, if you’re more of a digger, you can find these golden nuggets in the Archive section. Just tap on the hamburger icon and select “Archive.” Voila! Your memories are right there.

How to Share Memories on Instagram Stories

Steps to share a memory on Instagram Stories

So you’ve found a memory that you absolutely must share. But how? Simply tap the “Share” button next to the memory, and you’re good to go.

I once found a memory from two years ago where I was at a beach party. I re-shared it, and it sparked a reunion with old friends!

Personalization options for sharing your memories

But wait, there’s more! You can add a personal touch with captions, stickers, or even a #throwback hashtag. Make it uniquely yours.

A 2023 case study by Social Media Today revealed that Instagram Memories have a positive impact on user engagement. Users who frequently share memories have a 20% higher engagement rate.

Additional Features and Tips for Instagram Memories

Making the most of memories in 2023

So, you’ve mastered the basics of Instagram Memories. But how do you take it to the next level? Well, it’s 2023, and Instagram is all about user engagement.

Did you know that sharing memories can actually boost your interaction with followers? Yep, it’s true!

According to a 2023 case study by Social Media Today, users who frequently share memories have a 20% higher engagement rate.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest trends and updates. Instagram is always rolling out new features, and you don’t want to miss out.
How to reach a wider audience

Tips for better sharing of memories on Instagram

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Want to reach a wider audience? Use relevant hashtags when sharing your memories. Hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or #MemoryMonday can really make your posts pop.

And don’t underestimate the power of content sharing. You can share your memories not just on your Stories but also on your main feed or even DM them to friends. The more you share, the more you engage!

How to Get Memories on Instagram Stories

Steps to get memories on Instagram Stories

Now, let’s talk about how to get memories on Instagram Stories. You might be wondering, “Where do these memories even come from?” Well, they’re basically your archived stories.

To access them, go to your profile, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and select “Archive.” From there, you can choose which memory you want to share on your Stories. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Additional tips and tricks for Instagram Memories

Hold the phone! Did you know Instagram is testing some new features? Yep, they’re always up to something. Some of these features are similar to Facebook, like the ‘On This Day’ feature. So, if you’re a Facebook veteran, navigating Instagram Memories will be a walk in the park for you.

Troubleshooting Instagram Memories

What to do if you can’t find memories on Instagram

So you’re all excited to take a trip down memory lane, but wait—where are your memories? Don’t panic; you’re not alone. This is one of the frequently asked questions about Instagram Memories.

First, make sure you’re looking in the right corner of the app. Tap on your profile icon, and then tap on the three horizontal lines. From there, go to “Archive,” and you should see your memories. If you still can’t find them, try updating the app. Sometimes, it’s just that simple!

I stumbled upon an old memory of my first art exhibit. Re-sharing it reminded me of how far I’ve come in my artistic journey.

Troubleshooting Instagram Memories

Critical Information: Check for Memories in “Posts Archive” on Instagram

Why this is important and how it can make a difference in 2023

Alright, folks, here’s the critical info we promised you’d want to stick around for. Did you know that Instagram also archives your posts and stories in a separate section called “Posts Archive”? Yep, it’s not just about Stories!

This is super important because sometimes memories get mixed in there. So if you’re not finding what you’re looking for in the Stories Archive, check the Posts Archive. Trust us, this little tip can make a world of difference in 2023, especially with Instagram’s ever-changing archived content and past updates.


And that’s a wrap, folks! You’ve just mastered the art of navigating through Instagram Memories. With the platform boasting over a billion active users, it’s no wonder that features like “on this day” and “archive” have become integral to our IG experience. As we journey through 2023, you’re now armed with the knowledge to post memories on Instagram like a pro.

From revisiting old posts to sharing that photo or video you’ve been holding onto, Instagram Memories provides a unique avenue to re-engage with your audience. Whether you’re looking to find Instagram memories from the bottom right corner or scroll to the right to see what prompts into user feeds, this feature is your ticket to a nostalgic trip. And remember, with the hamburger menu and the right corner of the screen, you’re just a few taps away from digging through old content and sharing those cherished moments.

So, whether you’re reminiscing about previous stories, looking to share memories with the world, or simply want to re-share that special memory, Instagram’s got you covered. Dive deep, explore, and remember to share the content you want. Because, in the end, memories are not just to be kept; they’re meant to be celebrated and shared. Happy ‘gramming!

Share memories with the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set reminders for ‘On This Day’ memories?

As of now, Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in reminder for the “On This Day” feature. However, you can manually set reminders on your phone to check Instagram on the current date each year to revisit those special memories.

Is there a limit to how many memories I can share in a day?

No, there’s no limit to how many memories you can post. The feature allows you to share as many memories as available from your archive. So go ahead, share that post you want without any worries!

How do Instagram Memories differ from Facebook Memories?

While both platforms offer a way to revisit past posts, Instagram focuses more on stories and DMs. Facebook, on the other hand, leans towards acknowledged personal sharing like status updates and tagged photos. Both serve the purpose of nostalgia but in slightly different flavors.

What are the privacy settings for shared memories?

Memories you share will follow the privacy policy and terms of use of your original post. They will be visible to the same audience unless you choose to share them differently when reposting.

Can I download my Instagram Memories?

Yes, you can download your photos and videos from your memories and archived stories. To do this, go to your archive, select the archived posts you want, and tap on the download icon. This will save the memories directly to your device.

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