Expert Tips for Using Suggested Posts on Instagram: Leveraging Instagram Suggested Posts for Better Reach

By: Ellen Bartolino

Welcome to the ever-evolving world of Instagram, a platform where your feed becomes a reflection of your interests and connections. In recent years, Instagram has introduced a dynamic feature – Suggested Posts – designed to enhance user experience by seamlessly integrating content from users on Instagram you don’t yet follow but might find intriguing. Understanding how Instagram determines suggested posts and effectively managing these suggestions can significantly enrich your Instagram feed.

This article delves deep into the mechanisms of Instagram’s algorithm and offers practical tips on how to manage suggested content to align with your preferences. Whether you are a casual user, a creator looking to expand your follower base, or a business account seeking to understand the nuances of Instagram suggestions, this guide provides valuable insights. We will explore various aspects, from how to interact with suggested users on Instagram to ways you can snooze suggested posts or even turn off suggested posts entirely for a tailored Instagram experience. So, let’s open Instagram and begin our journey into making the most of these suggested posts in 2024.

Tips for using suggested posts on instagram

Understanding Instagram’s Suggested Posts Feature

In 2024, Instagram continues to refine its algorithm to offer a more personalized experience. Understanding this feature is crucial for both Instagram users and accounts aiming to maximize their presence.

The Evolution of Instagram’s Suggestion Algorithm

Initially, Instagram’s algorithm focused primarily on showing content from accounts you follow. However, with advancements in AI and tech, it has evolved to include suggested posts in places like your feed and Explore page. This change aims to keep users engaged by introducing them to new features, creators, and interests. The algorithm considers your interaction history, including likes, comments, and hashtags you follow, to predict what you might enjoy next.

How Suggested Users and Posts Enhance Your Instagram Feed

Suggested users on Insta and posts from accounts you don’t follow are integrated into your feed based on your past interactions. For instance, if you often engage with posts related to travel photography, you might see suggested posts from popular travel photographers. This feature not only keeps your feed fresh but also helps you discover and connect with accounts that share your interests.

Managing these suggestions effectively means understanding your own engagement patterns. Do you often scroll through reels or prefer long-form content? Your behavior on the app significantly influences what you’ll see on Instagram. It’s important to remember that while Instagram’s algorithm tries to predict what content you’ll enjoy, it’s not always perfect. Hence, knowing how to adjust your settings and provide feedback is key to tailoring your experience.

As a lifestyle blogger, I’ve found that Instagram’s suggested posts significantly impact my content strategy. By engaging with these suggestions, particularly in niches similar to mine, I’ve gained inspiration for my own posts. This includes experimenting with different content types, like user-generated content, which has seen a notable increase in engagement on my profile.

How to Leverage Suggested Posts for Content Inspiration

In the dynamic world of Instagram, leveraging suggested posts can be a goldmine for content inspiration. Whether you’re a budding creator or a seasoned user, these tips will help you harness the full potential of Instagram’s suggestions.

Analyzing Trends from Suggested Posts

Instagram’s algorithm is always working to bring forward new trends and popular content. By paying attention to the suggested posts in your feed, you can gain insights into what is currently resonating with the Instagram community. This can be particularly useful for content creators and brands looking to stay relevant. If you notice a certain style of reels or hashtags popping up frequently, it might be worth exploring them in your own content.

Gaining Insights from Accounts You Follow

The accounts you follow significantly influence the suggested content you see. Following accounts that share similar interests or are in the same industry can lead to valuable suggestions. This not only includes posts but also similar account suggestions and hashtags. Paying attention to these can provide a deeper understanding of your niche or introduce you to new ideas and connections.

Remember, the aim is to use suggested posts as a source of inspiration, not imitation. It’s about finding a balance between what is trending and what is authentic to your voice or brand. Whether you’re looking to refresh your Instagram account or seeking new angles for your content, these suggestions can be a great starting point.

Navigating the Suggestion System: Tips and Best Practices

The Instagram suggestion system is a powerful tool, but it requires savvy navigation to make the most of it. Here are some tips and best practices to help you interact with and manage suggested posts and users on Instagram effectively.

Explore page can also introduce you to a wider variety of suggested content and users

Tips for Engaging with Suggested Content

  • Interacting with the Post: When you find a suggested post interesting, interact with it. Whether it’s a like, a comment, or even a share, your interaction helps Instagram’s algorithm understand your preferences better.
  • Feedback: If a suggested post doesn’t resonate with you, you can mute suggested posts or use the ‘Not Interested’ option. This feedback is crucial for refining future suggestions.
  • Explore: Regularly visiting the Explore page can also introduce you to a wider variety of suggested content and users, broadening your Instagram experience.

Running a small business account on Instagram, I’ve been closely monitoring how suggested posts affect my reach. By strategically using relevant keywords in my post captions and experimenting with carousel posts, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my content being recommended to non-followers, which has been crucial for growing my audience.

Keeping in Mind Instagram’s Community Guidelines

While exploring and interacting with suggested posts, it’s important to remember Instagram’s community guidelines. Respecting these guidelines ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.

Managing Your Suggested Posts and Users

Having control over your Instagram feed is essential, and managing suggested posts and users is a significant part of this. Let’s explore how to tailor these suggestions to your preferences.

How to Snooze or Turn Off Suggested Posts

If you find that suggested posts are cluttering your feed, there’s good news: Instagram allows you to snooze suggested posts for up to 30 days. This gives you a break from seeing these types of posts. To snooze or turn off suggested posts, simply tap on the three dots (…) in the top right corner of the post and select the appropriate option. This can help in maintaining a feed that’s more closely aligned with your interests and preferences.

Adjusting Your Preferences for Better Suggestions

Your interaction with different types of content on Instagram plays a huge role in shaping your suggestions. If you want to see more suggested posts related to a specific topic, regularly engaging with posts and accounts in that niche can help. Additionally, Instagram’s settings allow you to adjust certain preferences. For instance, you can manage suggested connections or explore privacy settings to control what is visible on your profile and feed.

These management tools are part of what makes Instagram a flexible and user-friendly platform. By understanding how to effectively use these features, you can curate an Instagram experience that is more enjoyable and relevant to your interests.

Manage suggested connections or explore privacy settings to control what is visible on your profile and feed

Comparing Instagram’s Suggestions to Other Platforms like TikTok

In 2024, understanding how different social media platforms handle suggested content can offer valuable insights, especially when comparing Instagram to platforms like TikTok.

2024 Trends in Social Media Suggestions

Both Instagram and TikTok have evolved significantly in how they suggest content to users. Instagram focuses on enhancing the feed and Explore page with suggestions based on user interaction, hashtags, and accounts followed. On the other hand, TikTok has gained popularity for its highly intuitive and engaging For You Page (FYP), which uses a sophisticated algorithm to deliver personalized content.

Learning from Cross-Platform Content Strategies

While Instagram’s suggestions tend to be based on your existing network and interactions within the app, TikTok often introduces users to a broader range of content, sometimes leading to viral trends. This difference in approach can offer creators and brands insights into tailoring their content strategy. For example, the broader discovery approach on TikTok might inspire more experimental content, while Instagram’s system might encourage more community-focused engagement.

Moreover, observing these platforms can teach us about user preferences and behavior. The success of TikTok suggests a growing appetite for short-form, engaging content. Similarly, Instagram’s evolving features indicate a focus on keeping the user experience fresh and relevant.

By understanding these dynamics, Instagram users and content creators can better tailor their strategies, whether it’s capitalizing on Instagram’s suggestion feature or integrating lessons from TikTok’s content delivery methods.


As we’ve explored, Instagram’s suggested posts feature is a dynamic tool that can significantly enhance your social media experience. By understanding and navigating the algorithm, you can tailor your Instagram feed to better reflect your interests and discover new content and connections. Whether it’s leveraging suggestions for inspiration, managing your feed, or learning from comparisons with platforms like TikTok, there’s much to gain from this feature.

In 2024, as social media continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable is key. Remember, the power of Instagram lies not just in its ability to suggest what you might like but also in providing the tools to shape these suggestions. By engaging thoughtfully and curating your preferences, you can make the most of what Instagram has to offer, connecting with content, creators, and communities that truly resonate with you.

Learning from comparisons with platforms like TikTok

Frequently Asked Questions

How does interacting with certain posts on Instagram influence the ads and suggested content I see?

When you interact with posts on Instagram, whether it’s through likes, comments, or shares, the algorithm takes note of your interests. This directly influences the ads and suggested posts you see, as Instagram’s algorithm aims to tailor these based on perceived interests. Regular interaction with specific types of content tells the algorithm to show you more related ads and suggestions.

Can I stop seeing suggested posts from certain types of accounts on Instagram?

Yes, you can influence which suggested posts appear on your feed. If you want to stop seeing suggestions from specific types of accounts, use the ‘Not Interested’ option on the post. Regularly doing this will adjust the algorithm to your preferences, gradually reducing the frequency of similar suggestions.

How does Instagram decide which friend suggestions to show me?

Instagram uses various factors to determine friend suggestions. These include mutual connections, the profiles you view, your existing network, and your activity patterns on the app. The algorithm identifies potential connections based on these interactions, aiming to introduce you to people you might know or find interesting.

Is there a way to use Instagram’s browser version to manage suggested posts and ads?

While the Instagram mobile app offers more comprehensive features for managing suggestions and ads, the browser version also allows some level of control. You can view, interact with, and provide feedback on suggested posts and ads, but for more detailed management, the mobile app is recommended.

What should I keep in mind when using the ‘Follow’ button for suggested users on Instagram?

When using the ‘Follow’ button for suggested users, remember that it’s about quality over quantity. Following accounts that genuinely interest you will lead to a more enjoyable and relevant Instagram experience. This practice also helps the algorithm understand your preferences better, improving the quality of future suggestions.

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