How to Create Instagram Reels with Special Effects: Make Instagram Reels Like a Pro

By: Ellen Bartolino

Creating captivating reels on Instagram has become a crucial part of any effective social media strategy. With the Instagram app offering a range of features, including video editing and special effects, it’s easier than ever to produce engaging content. Whether you’re looking to add multiple effects, utilize Instagram reels templates, or simply make your videos stand out with unique transition effects, this guide will cover everything you need to know. By leveraging Instagram’s built-in tools, you can create creative reels that not only entertain but also help grow your audience. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process and learn how to make an Instagram reel that shines.

How to create Instagram reels with special effects

How to Create an Instagram Reel

What is an Instagram Reel?

An Instagram Reel is a short, engaging video that allows users to express their creativity and connect with their audience in a fun way. Reels can be up to 90 seconds long and can include multiple video clips, audio, effects, and new creative tools. Unlike regular Instagram posts, Reels are featured in a dedicated space on your Instagram profile and have their own reels tab on the app.

Steps to Make an Instagram Reel

  1. Open the Instagram App: Tap the reels icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the Camera Icon: To start creating your Reel, tap the camera icon at the top right.
  3. Record Your Video: Hold the record button to capture video footage. You can record multiple clips or add an existing video from your camera roll.
  4. Add Music: Tap the music note icon to add original audio or select from Instagram’s music library.
  5. Add Effects and Filters: Use Instagram’s built-in effects to enhance your video. Tap the three stars icon to browse available effects.
  6. Use Instagram Reels Templates: Tap the template button to use pre-made templates for a seamless transition between clips.
  7. Editing Your Reel: Trim, reorder clips, and add text overlays or GIFs.
  8. Cover Photo: Choose a cover photo for your Reel by selecting a frame from your video or uploading an image from your gallery.
  9. Share: Tap the share button to post your Reel on your Instagram profile and reels tab.

When I first started using Instagram Reels, I was amazed at the variety of special effects available. I decided to create a reel showcasing my daily workout routine. By adding multiple effects, such as a time-lapse for my warm-up and slow motion for my main exercises, I made the video more engaging. The built-in transition effects allowed me to seamlessly switch between different workout segments, keeping my audience entertained throughout the video.

Tips for Growing Your Audience with Reels

  • Be Consistent: Regularly posting Reels can help maintain audience interest and engagement.
  • Use Trending Music and Effects: Utilizing popular audio tracks and effects can increase the likelihood of your Reel being discovered.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and encourage viewers to share your Reels.
  • Analytics: Use Instagram’s analytics to track the performance of your Reels and refine your content strategy.

Adding Transition Effects to Your Instagram Reel

Popular Transition Effects

Transition effects are a great way to make your reels on Insta stand out. Some popular transition effects include:

  • Swipe Transitions: Create a seamless swipe effect between clips.
  • Zoom In/Out: Add a dynamic zoom effect to emphasize certain parts of your video.
  • Fade In/Out: Smoothly transition between clips with a fade effect.
  • Spin Transitions: Add a spin effect to make your transitions more engaging.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Effects

  1. Open the Instagram App and navigate to the reels icon.
  2. Tap the Camera Icon to start creating your Reel.
  3. Record or Upload Clips: Record your video clips or upload them from your camera roll.
  4. Add Transition Effects:
    • Tap the effects button (three stars) on the left side of the screen.
    • Browse and select the desired transition effect.
    • Apply the effect to the beginning or end of your clips.
  5. Preview Your Reel: Review the transitions to ensure they are smooth.
  6. Adjust Timing: Fine-tune the timing of your transitions by trimming your clips.
  7. Save and Continue: Once satisfied, save your changes and proceed with editing.

Using Templates for Seamless Transitions

Instagram reel templates can help you achieve professional-looking transitions with ease. Follow these steps to use templates:

  1. Tap the Template Button: When creating your Reel, tap the template button to browse available templates.
  2. Choose a Template: Select a template that fits the style of your Reel.
  3. Add Your Clips: Insert your video clips into the template placeholders.
  4. Adjust and Edit: Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless flow.
  5. Save and Share: Once your transitions are perfect, save your Reel and share it with your audience.

Instagram reel templates can help you achieve professional-looking transitions with ease

Editing Your Instagram Reel Like a Pro

Tools for Editing Your Reel

To create a standout reel on Instagram, using the right video editing app is crucial. Here are some top tools:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush: A powerful tool that offers extensive editing features.
  • Canva: Ideal for creating visually appealing content with ease.
  • InShot: A user-friendly app perfect for editing on the go.
  • Instagram’s Built-In Tools: Instagram offers a range of editing tools within the app, allowing you to trim, add text overlays, and apply filters.

According to a 2023 report by Hootsuite, Instagram Reels have an average engagement rate of 4.5%, which is significantly higher than other types of Instagram posts such as static images or carousel posts. This highlights the growing popularity and effectiveness of Reels in driving user interaction.

Adding GIFs and Special Effects

  1. Open the Instagram App: Navigate to the reels tab.
  2. Tap the Camera Icon to start a new Reel.
  3. Record or Upload Your Video: Capture new footage or add an existing video from your camera roll.
  4. Add GIFs: Tap the sticker icon and select GIFs to add animated elements to your video.
  5. Apply Special Effects: Use Instagram’s built-in effects by tapping the three stars icon. Browse through the available options and apply your chosen effects.
  6. Preview and Adjust: Review your video to ensure the effects are applied correctly. Make adjustments as needed.

Creating a Standout Cover Photo

A compelling cover photo can attract more viewers to your Instagram Reels. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Frame: After editing your video, select a frame that best represents your content.
  2. Upload an Image: Alternatively, you can upload a custom cover photo from your gallery.
  3. Add Text Overlays: Use text overlays to highlight key points or add context.
  4. Preview and Save: Ensure the cover photo looks good on your Instagram profile and fits well within the grid.

Attract more viewers to your Instagram Reels

Enhancing Your Instagram Reels with Professional Techniques

Using Transcript and Voiceovers

Adding a transcript or voiceover can significantly enhance your Instagram reels by making them more accessible and engaging. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Record Your Reel: Start by recording your video footage as usual.
  2. Add Transcript:
    • Use Instagram’s text tool to manually type out the dialogue or key points of your video.
    • Alternatively, use third-party apps that offer automatic transcription.
  3. Voiceovers:
    • Tap the microphone icon after recording your video.
    • Record your voiceover by speaking clearly into your device’s microphone.
    • Adjust the volume levels to ensure your voiceover is clear and audible.

Advanced Editing Techniques

To make your reels stand out, consider incorporating these advanced editing techniques:

  • Layering Clips: Use apps like Adobe Premiere Rush or InShot to layer multiple video clips and create a more dynamic video.
  • Color Grading: Adjust the colors of your video to give it a professional look. This can be done using Instagram’s built-in filters or external editing apps.
  • Text and Graphics: Add animated text and graphics to highlight important information or enhance visual appeal.

Maximizing Engagement with Effects

Engagement is key to the success of your Instagram Reels. Here are some tips to maximize it:

  • Use Trending Effects: Keep an eye on trending effects within the Instagram community and incorporate them into your reels.
  • Interactive Elements: Add polls, questions, or challenges to encourage viewer interaction.
  • Original Audio: Creating and using your own original audio can set your content apart and encourage others to use it in their own reels.

I wanted to grow my audience on Instagram, so I began experimenting with different content strategies. One of the most effective tactics was incorporating interactive elements into my reels. For example, I posted a cooking tutorial where I used Instagram’s poll feature to let my followers vote on the next ingredient. This not only increased my engagement rates but also made my followers feel more involved in the content creation process.

Make your reels stand out

Final Touches: Polishing Your Instagram Reel

Reviewing and Finalizing Your Reel

Before posting your reels on Instagram, it’s essential to review and finalize your content. Follow these steps:

  1. Play Through Your Reel: Watch your reel from start to finish to ensure there are no mistakes or awkward transitions.
  2. Check Audio Levels: Make sure the audio, whether it’s music, voiceovers, or sound effects, is balanced and clear.
  3. Verify Effects and Edits: Ensure that all transition effects, text overlays, and special effects are applied correctly and enhance the video.

Posting Your Reel on Instagram

  1. Tap the Share Button: Once you’re satisfied with your reel, tap the share button to move to the next step.
  2. Write a Captivating Caption: Add a caption that complements your video and includes relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
  3. Tag Relevant Accounts: If your reel features other creators or brands, tag their accounts to increase engagement.
  4. Choose Where to Share: Decide if you want to share your reel to your feed, stories, or both. Sharing to your feed can help reach a broader audience.
  5. Post Your Reel: Tap the post button to share your reel with your followers.

Tips to Make Your Reel Stand Out

  • Consistency is Key: Regularly posting high-quality reels can keep your audience engaged and attract new followers.
  • Leverage Analytics: Use Instagram’s analytics tools to track the performance of your reels. Pay attention to metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares to understand what content resonates with your audience.
  • Stay Trendy: Keep up with the latest trends and incorporate them into your reels. This can include popular music, effects, or challenges.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and interact with viewers to build a community around your content.

In 2023, Nike launched a campaign using Instagram Reels to promote their new line of running shoes. By leveraging the platform’s built-in effects and engaging storytelling, Nike was able to create a series of dynamic and visually appealing reels. The campaign resulted in a 20% increase in Instagram followers and a 30% boost in engagement rates. The success of this campaign demonstrated the power of Instagram Reels in driving brand awareness and audience growth.

Effectively use transition effects


Creating engaging and professional-looking reels can significantly enhance your social media presence and help you connect with a wider audience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively use transition effects, add multiple effects, and employ advanced editing techniques to make your content stand out. Utilize tools like Adobe Premiere Rush and Canva, take advantage of Instagram’s built-in features, and always keep your audience in mind. With consistent effort and creativity, your Instagram Reels can become a powerful tool for social media marketing and audience growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add effects on Instagram Reels?

To add effects on Instagram Reels, tap the camera icon to create a new reel, then tap the effects button (three stars) on the left side of the screen. Browse and select the desired effect to apply it to your reel. Instagram allows you to add multiple effects to enhance your video.

What are some tips to make reels stand out?

To make reels stand out, use engaging content, add multiple effects, and leverage Instagram’s built-in transition effects. Ensure your reels are visually appealing and include trending music or original audio. Additionally, use captions and interactive elements like polls or questions to boost engagement.

How do I add Instagram Reels to my profile?

To add Instagram Reels to your profile, create a reel by tapping the camera icon and recording your video. Once done, tap the share button, write a captivating caption, and choose to share it on your feed and reels tab. This will add the reel to your Instagram profile, making it visible to your followers.

What features does Instagram offer for creating reels?

Instagram offers various features for creating reels, including a music library, text overlays, GIFs, and built-in transition effects. These features allow you to add multiple creative elements to your video, making it more engaging. Additionally, Instagram provides templates and editing tools to streamline the reel creation process.

How can Instagram Reels contribute to Instagram growth?

Using Instagram Reels can significantly contribute to Instagram growth by increasing engagement and visibility. Reels are prominently displayed on the Explore page, making them accessible to a broader audience. By creating high-quality, engaging reels and using relevant hashtags, you can attract new followers and boost your Instagram account’s growth.

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