6 Effective Ways to Get Free Instagram Likes Fast

By: Ellen Bartolino


  • Instagram can help you grow your business exponentially, but many businesses find it hard to navigate how to do so.
  • Some various tricks and tips can help you increase your likes which is the currency of Instagram.


Instagram is not only a social media platform but also a marketplace. It is also a marketer’s dream as it provides all possible data one could need to navigate this complex platform. On Instagram, your likes are your currency. To get free instagram likes is a great strategy for any new business as you need to have strong engagement on Instagram to be successful. If a user has liked your post even once, you can count on Instagram’s algorithm to show your profile to the same user again. In order to get access to new users, you need to gather more likes. It is a never-ending cycle as everything is linked to everything.

Here are 6 Ways to Get Free Instagram Likes Fast

  1. Post and Share Shareable Content

The images you share plays a particularly important role in this photo-sharing platform. The content you create should be worthy of being shared so as to increase your engagement and likes. Many new accounts struggle to gather a following, but what matters more than a large following is quality engagement. One metric to determine that is likes. As a result, getting 50 free instagram likes is a great strategy to get a jump start on this platform.

  1. Make Sure to use Call to Action in your bio, captions, and Hashtags

You need to ask for things you want on a platform like Instagram. Call to action gets users to act in the manner they desire. You can use a call to action in your bio, captions, and even hashtags. For example, if you add a link in your bio, you can add arrow emojis along with a click on this link to find out more. Captions such as “like” if you relate or agree are other examples of the same.

  1. Schedule Your Posts

You need to determine what is the right time to post for you. The research available on this topic is quite extensive. There are certain days of the week and different times in a day when users are most active. Since Instagram’s algorithm is not always favourable to your needs, your posts may drown in a sea of posts on this platform. This is a great way to get free instagram likes. Apart from scheduling the content, your post, you need to be aware of and hop on all relevant trends as trending content is further pushed by the platform.

  1. Utilize the power of Multichannel Marketing

Most brands exist on various social media platforms. It is foolish not to do so. Instagram is amongst the most popular social media platforms, especially for businesses. However, each platform is different and is dominated by users of varied demographics. Identify your target market first, use that to strategize a multichannel marketing approach. Cross-promotion can bring new users to your profile which will, in turn, increase your likes. Also, Instagram allows you to automatically reshare content you have posted to other platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. This is an easy way to earn 50 free instagram likes.

5.Use Like and Tag to Win Contests

This is a great marketing technique to get people to engage with your content and get newer people to visit your profile. Like to win is simple competition. All you need to do is post a picture and ask people to like the post in order to participate. These competitions, apart from liking the post, asks users to tag three other users in the comment section. As a result, three new users can view your profile with each comment.

  1. Write Good Captions

If it were that easy to get free instagram likes, anyone could do it. It is not exceptionally hard, but it is a little tricky. Writing good captions is one way to get people to focus on the picture you have posted. Many people aimlessly scroll through their feed without interacting with the content they see. A witty caption that catches the eye of the user can easily result in higher likes.

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