Ten Tips for Gaining Insta-Influence


  • Instagram is becoming more vital for growing businesses
  • Using Instagram correctly means engaging with users in strategic ways
  • Create and share engaging content that is targeted to the right audience for your brand/product

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most crucial components of a strong media presence for growing businesses. Though owned by Facebook, Instagram has a culture all its own—one that companies can thrive in with the right tools and techniques. A positive Instagram presence can boost your visibility, extend your reach, and help you engage with your customers in a way that is sure to yield results. Here are ten tips for growing your influence on Instagram:

1- Know your target audience

First and foremost, you’ve got to know who you’re talking to. Identify your ideal customer base and construct every post, hashtag, and comment around what they would like to see from the companies they give their business to.

2- Create likable content.

Social media content should be clever, fun, and positive. Create content that actively catches the eye of your target audience as they’re scrolling through their feeds to yield likes and engagement with your socials.

3- Post often.

In this age of social media, successful businesses stay active on all of their accounts to keep their business thriving. Posting every day, or a few times a week, will ensure that you’re staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

4- Stay current.

Pay attention to current trends in your industry and on social media. Keep a constant eye on how your competitors are engaging with customers and what kinds of content they’re most likely to interact with. Knowing what your customers want right now will help you create the most relatable and likeable content.

5- Embrace hashtag diversity.

Hashtags have infinite potential to grow your reach. Make use of them! Start a hashtag for an ad campaign, utilize hashtags others are using in your industry, and always use a hashtag unique to your business itself. The more targeted hashtags you use, the more potential your posts have to be seen.

6- Respond to comments.

Customers like to feel heard by the businesses they work with. Responding to comments on your posts can give your page a personal element that is invaluable for garnering positive attention.

7- Perfect your bio. 

Your bio should clearly and succinctly let your audience know what you’re all about. Utilize keywords someone in need of your services may search so that potential customers know you can provide what they need.

8- Foster inclusion.

This is twofold. You can foster inclusion by holding contests or giveaways that your customers can win by engaging with your posts, but more importantly, you can encourage engagement by making sure that all of your content is sensitive and considerate of the many types of people that may make up your customer base.

9- Use analytics tools.

Instagram analytics tools can be immensely useful in helping you see where you’re getting the most interaction and what areas you could improve in. Make sure to evaluate how many followers you have and consider increasing your follower count with services that can help you get instant Instagram followers.

10- Be authentic.

Your ultimate goal should be to let your customer base know that you desire a relationship with them, and not just their money. Be authentic and genuine with your posts. People will notice and choose you over money-hungry, pushy competitors.

In 2019, it is imperative that you have an active and positive social media presence for your business to prosper. Keeping these tips in mind when using  Instagram for your business will help you create and foster that presence!